© Kids love Greece Coca Cola
© Kids love Greece Coca Cola

Minoan themed Coke Campaign features Crete!

    Limited Edition Minoan Coca Cola Packaging Available Now

    Ancient Greek civilisation is all around when you visit Crete with your family. It’s even on Coca-Cola bottles! This year, Coca-Cola are launching a range of collectible bottles inspired by the famous Minoan civilisation.

    Featuring scenes of frescoes from the Palace of Knossos, Ariadne’s myth, and the bull-leaping activities (Tavrokatharpsia), the limited edition bottles have been launched to promote the island that was once the home of the powerful Minoan civilisation.

    In addition to the bottles being available to buy in shops, there will also be a series of Coca-Cola Pop-Up Stores appearing throughout Crete from July 24th until August 10th. If your family are on holiday in Crete during this time, you can pick up some special  “Coca-Cola Summer Tour” memorabilia such as T-shirts, bags, hats, accessories and summer items.

    Things to Do in Crete

    Whether or not you can find a Coca Cola pop up store during your vacation, there is always plenty to do in Crete! We have a number of tours and activities designed specifically for families. Our private family tour of Knossos is always popular with families that like the more personal touch to being shown archaeological sites, and the 3D guiding app for Knossos is for anyone that loves using technology to take their experience to the next level.

    Of course, there is much more to Crete than just Knossos! A true Cretan experience involves tasting the local food, visiting local farms, finding hidden beaches, and meeting the people. For more travel inspiration on family vacations in Crete, please take a look here – Crete with Kids.

    Additional note: Crete has also been chose by Coca Cola as the destination for a prize to win a summer vacation via a social media competition. More details of the competition will follow later. If you don’t want to rely on a competition for your summer vacation though, contact us today about booking a holiday in Greece!

    Source: kritionline.gr, emea.gr

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