Athens Wildfires

Athens Wildfires – How You Can Help

    Reports of the recent wildfires in the districts outside of Athens have dominated the news in recent days. During this time, people have contacted us asking how they can help. Here’s some more information.

    Greek wildfire relief effort

    Recent wildfires 16 miles to the east and west of the city of Athens have had a devastating effect on lives and property. It has been widely reported in the international media, and if you are unaware of the disaster, this article provides more details – Greek Wildfires July 2018.

    Currently, it is estimated that nearly 80 lives have been lost, and as many as 1000 homes destroyed.

    How you can help the wildfire relief effort in Greece

    The Local Response

    The local response to providing aid for the affected areas has been quite simply amazing. People are queuing for hours to donate blood at hospitals (including relatives of the KLG team), and food, water and clothing has been donated in huge quantities.

    Whilst most of the fires are now out, rescue crews and volunteers are combing through the affected areas. The relief effort will go on for  weeks to come, and the communities will need support for many years.

    We’ve been asked by many concerned people how they can help, whether its by donating whilst they are in Greece or from where they live in their own countries. Here are our suggestions.

    How you can help

    Giving Blood for wildfire relief in Greece

    If you are currently in Greece and have a few hours to spare, it would be much appreciated if you could donate blood. Some may go directly to the victims of the fires, but more is needed to build back up the reserves in the blood banks. For more information, ask your hotel staff who we know would be glad to assist you.

    Monetary Donations

    Kids Love Greece will be donating on behalf of all the KLG community, but individual donations are more than welcome! One organisation you might like to consider is the Hellenic Relief Initiative who have a specific Wildfire Relief Fund.

    Keep Greece in your hearts

    And finally, please keep Greece in your hearts! Our beautiful country needs your support now more than ever. Please spread word of how people can help the wildfire relief effort, and help Greece recover and rebuild.

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