Athens Marathon 2018

Athens Marathon 2018 – November 11th Race and Travel Information

    The 2018 Athens Marathon takes place on November 11th. Whether you’re in Athens to race or watch, here’s all you need to know about the Athens 2018 Marathon.

    Athens Marathon

    The Athens 2018 Marathon

    Over the next few days, people from all over the world will start arriving in Athens for the 36th Authentic Athens Marathon. Each year, thousands of people race along this historic route, following in the footsteps of the legendary runner Pheidippides.

    The race starts at the town of Marathon itself and then heads in to Athens and the finish line at the amazing Panathenaic Stadium. This event is one that Athenians and visitors to Athens alike enjoy, as people celebrate the dedication and ability of all the competitors involved.

    Who can enter the Athens Marathon?

    Although it will be too late to enter this year’s marathon, you might be interested to know how to enter the next one. This way, you have a whole year to prepare!

    The Marathon is only open to competitors aged 18 or over, but there are also parallel events that the kids can enter too. If you are thinking about entering next year, your whole family can take part!

    Enjoy the Marathon as a Spectator

    Not everyone wants to run a race though. Most of us are more than happy to watch other people run by and enjoy the atmosphere!

    If you are visiting Athens over the period of the Marathon, there are several ways you can enjoy it as a spectator. One idea is to cheer of the runners as they start from Marathon, or stand at the side of the road along the route encouraging them as they race by.

    Perhaps the best idea though is to wait for the runners to arrive in the Panathenaic Stadium in the heart of Athens. Seeing people reach the finish line with 79,999 other people spectating is an experience in itself!

    Where to stay in Athens for the Marathon

    Whilst Athens has plenty of accommodation to choose from, large events such as the Authentic Marathon may have an impact of the number of hotel rooms available.

    If you are planning to visit Athens for this year’s Marathon, contact the Kids Love Greece team, and we can find you a great hotel that is comfortable for you and your family and has good connections to the event.

    If you are planning to visit Athens for the 2019 Marathon, it pays to plan ahead, and again our team can help you.

    Things to do in Athens

    See Athens by Βike Family biking activity in Athens specially designed private city tour kidslovegreece Greece children sightseeing Acropolis experience amazing bicycles cycling monuments

    There are of course plenty of other things to see and do in Athens for you and your family. During a visit you should definitely make time to see the Acropolis, take a walk around Plaka, and visit the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion for the sunset.

    We have a number of activities in Athens designed specifically for families, and one of these might be of interest to you:

    Percy Jackson Tour of the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

    Percy Jackson Tour of Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon from Athens

    The Olympic Games Workout – Family Olympics Activity in Athens

    We’d just like to wish final good luck to all entrants into this year’s Athens Marathon! Feel free to contact us for more details.

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