Meet a Local: Michalis from Milos

    Meet Michalis Vamvakaris from Milos Experiences

    Welcome to our first edition of Meet a Local. Today we’re chatting with Michalis Vamvakaris from Milos Experiences. Michalis is a local and knows everything about Milos.  Michalis organizes unique family tours on Milos for Kids Love Greece.

    Michalis, tell us a bit more about yourself!

    I was born and raised in Milos and I feel extremely lucky because from a young age I had the opportunity to interact with the sea, which has always been my ‘escape place’. This is one of the reasons why I would like to thank my parents that taught me to respect and love the sea.

    Which place do you love most on the island?

    My favorite place on the island is called Mantrakia, the fisherman’s village with the multicolored houses on the water called Syrmata. I am very lucky because my family owns one of these Syrmata. This is the place where I spent my childhood, the place where I grew up, where I spent countless hours swimming and fishing with my sister, my cousins, and my friends. Mantrakia is a one-of-a-kind place on our island and it’s clear that all of our visitors fall in love with this magical place at first glance. 

    From your experience, what do your guests love most in your 4×4 (SUV) road trip excursion?

    Visitors who use our services will live a once in a lifetime experience. They will be with a local in every part of their tour of the island, an insider who will be able to show them all the hidden gems. They will have as much time as they wish to enjoy swimming, relaxing on the beach, and their local insider will be waiting for them with some complimentary local snacks. This attention to detail is what I believe our visitors love the most.

    Why should people choose Milos for their summer vacation?

    I believe Milos is the ideal location for your summer vacation as it is an island that is not overcrowded. It is the only island in Greece with 72 different beaches, each of them different and unique. Visiting Milos is not just about the beaches though, there are also very ancient catacombs, unique in Greece, along with a countless number of small churches that have transformed the island into a holy island. Also, Milos is the first island in Greece to export bentonite. In addition, Milos features an ancient theater and the world-famous spot where the statue of Venus of Milo was found. Finally, Milos also offers magical sunsets!

    More specifically, why is Milos suitable for parents with young children?

    Our island is one of kind for families due to its general safety. Families have the choice to pass their time on the beach, where their kids can play without fear. They can also choose to visit different places on the island to learn the island’s history and traditions.

    What will teens love most about Milos?

    Kids love the sense of safety and freedom that exist on the island. They can have fearless fun either on the beaches, doing sailing or other water sports. Another aspect that they will love on the island is the delicious traditional food.

    Tell us a secret about Milos

    Milos is a small and quiet island. One of its secrets is the plethora of beaches, 72 beaches in total! Unfortunately, most visitors do not have the time to visit them all. Milos is an island that you can’t explore all in one visit, but I am certain that you will fall in love with it and you will not be able to wait until you can return. That is our secret!

    What is a famous dish or local product that visitors must taste in Milos?

    Milos is famous for its amazing food. You must try our traditional pitarakia made with local cheeses, karpouzopita (watermelon pie) and Gluko Koufeto (with sweet pumpkin, almonds, and local honey). You also really need to try a home-cooked fresh fish at one of our restaurants.

    What is the best time to visit Milos for families?

    Every season in Milos has its own magic. Besides the magical summers, Milos is also a place for peace and harmony.

    Besides Milos, what other places in Greece do you love and why?

    I am a person that loves his island, his heritage. All of Greece is beautiful and worth visiting because we live in the most beautiful country in the world. But, I am inviting you to visit Milos so that you can discover why Milos is called the Phenomenal!!!


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