Coronavirus and family trip

How to talk to your kids about canceling your travel plans

    With the current Covid-19 many trips are on hold or canceled due to the pandemic, which is a big bummer for all those upcoming trips. Have you had to cancel travel before or will be canceled because of Coronavirus? Here are some tips on how to speak to your children.

    How to talk to your kids and teens about Coronovirus

    In these uncertain times with the news on the coronavirus outbreak, it is important for parents to be extra reassuring. Kids need to know that they can talk openly about their feelings because anxious thoughts become less overwhelming, upsetting and scary.

    Share age-appropriate facts and correct misinformation.

    Keep it simple for young kids! Reassure your kids that they are safe and emphasize the things that we can control. Kids and adults alike are “more distressed when we feel helpless and passive, and more comfortable when we can take action. Focus on the hygiene routines and the habits that help keep us healthy; handwashing, cough-catching, resting and basic healthy living” according to PBS.

    Not only young kids are concerned about the spread of the coronavirus, teens tend to experience emotions especially intensely.  Parents can help by making sure teens don’t overestimate the dangers or underestimate their ability to protect themselves. It is important to keep 5 things in mind.

    • Normalize anxiety; tell them to talk about their feelings and that their feelings are healthy
    • Offer perspective; help teens to keep their worries at an appropriate level by making sure they don’t overestimate the dangers or underestimate their ability to protect themselves from those dangers (focus on the habits that keep us healthy)
    • Shift the spotlight; during difficult times, research suggests that teenagers feel better when they turn their attention to supporting others. We can tell teens that making personal sacrifices — such as postponing a vacation or staying home if we’re not feeling well — helps to reduce the chance of spreading the coronavirus into our own communities
    • Distraction; when we fixate on dangers, anxiety grows, and when we turn our attention elsewhere, it shrinks. 
    • Us parents need to stay calm; to support a teen, we need to take steps to calm our own nerves. To do so, we can use the same strategies outlined above.

    Here are some tips for telling the kids that plans have changed.

    Be honest. Tell your children what’s up. Try not to be negative. You might be upset that your vacation needs to be postponed but this is for the good of the global community.

    Come up with a backup plan. And get excited about it. Planning a new trip will help take their mind of the original vacation.

    Taking everything above into consideration, you can communicate to your kids that Greece is always there and your family trip will happen as soon as the travel restrictions are over! So sit down with your kids, get them involved and start dreaming of your next sunny vacation to Greece! Here are some links to help your plan your next trip:

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    Which island to choose?: Best Greek islands for family holidays

    Finally, Kids Love Greece is here to help you book an unforgettable family trip. Do you have any further questions or do you need any advice at this point? Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or join our Facebook Family Travel Planning Community.

    We are here to help! Stay safe!

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