Elounda – the Cote d’ Azur of Crete

    Kids Love Greece was asked by the blog www.travelingpanties.com to publish an article on luxury family holidays in Greece. The first place that crossed our minds was Elounda, as we strongly believe that Elounda and opulence go hand in hand. However, Elounda is not just about luxury, but is also a place that children will never forget. See our suggestions and be sure to include Elounda in your holiday plans!

    We are publishing here parts of the article ‘A Luxe Visit to Greece–Even with Kids! Find Out Where to Go in Crete!’ published in TravelingPanties.com. Read all the article here.

    For decades Greece has been synonymous with the 3 S’s which are sand, sea and sun and ..there is little wonder that Greece has traditionally been associated with low/ middle class tourism. However, this is definitely a myth these days and is exemplified by the growing number of luxury hotels and villas which have been developed over recent years.

    If you want to spend your holidays in luxury we would recommend the island of Santorini without hesitation…The hotels and the villas know how to pamper to the needs of the rich and famous … a member of a certain shipping magnate family springs to mind! Unfortunately, however, Santorini is not really the ideal place to take children on holiday as it lacks children’s amenities and their boredom could easily overshadow the enjoyment of your holiday BUT that is not to say that you can’t find the luxury you desire and at the same time fulfill your children’s holiday dreams. This is still very achievable and we believe we have found the perfect alternative to Santorini, and that is none other than Elounda in eastern Crete.

    Elounda bay

    With luxury in mind, Elounda and lavishness go together. The views in from Elounda are really stunning and it is rich in 5 star luxury and deluxe accommodation which will pamper all your family needs. Even though it will be hard to leave the comforts of the hotel it would be a pity not to get out and about and see some of the wonderful sights of Crete, many of which are close by, and some are a bit further afield.

    First of all, a visit to the archeological site of Knossos is an absolute ‘must’ for any visitor to Crete. Spend a morning visiting the site and give them a cultural stepping stone for the future and one of the most educational experiences of their life with the audio guide of ‘Kids Love Knossos’ (soon to be launched).


    Try to combine the visit to Knossos with the show of ‘Minoiki Avli’ (‘Minoan Court’) which takes place every Saturday within the walls of the Riding (Ippikos) Academy. The show focuses on Minoan religious rituals and ceremonies and it feels like the actors have literally stepped out of frescoes.

    Recently opened is the Labyrinth Park in Hersonissos. There are many activities but the main attraction is the Labyrinth where the idea is to find the Minotaur hidden in the middle of the maze by following clues and then escape from him!

    Don’t forget about CretAquarium where you can see many species of Mediterranean sea life.

    If at some point you want a day out somewhere which is very local and totally unspoiled then try the beach of Kolokitha which is not too far away from Elounda.

    Only 4 kilometers from Elounda to the north, opposite the village of Plaka, is the tiny island of Spinalonga. This was the last standing leper colony in Europe and closed its doors not even 60 years ago.

    Spinalonga 4

    Crete in a nutshell! Can you think of a reason not to visit this wonderful island?

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