Sailing in Mykonos: insights by a real captain

    A Sailing Experience in the Cyclades is definitely among our favorite options in Kids Love Greece. Captain Michael Matsakis, the owner of Mykonos Catamaran Sailing Cruises, is the best person to explain why:

    Captain Michael, why are the Greek islands and in particular Mykonos so ideal for Sailing?

    The Greek islands offer not only breathtaking views and countless secret coves and beaches accessible only from the sea, but an imaginative look back into ancient mythology. Mykonos, with its famous south coast beaches, the crystal clear waters of the secluded Rinia island and the stunning archaeological ruins of Delos island, is a particularly attractive sailing playground.

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    What makes a Sailing Experience so special for families?

    A sailing experience offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and a true connection with nature.It is a fantastic opportunity for a family to share emotions and create unforgettable memories.

    What do kids enjoy most during a Sailing? Name their 3 highlights

    Kids love the nets upfront on a sailing catamaran!Once arrived in a cove, they’re crazy about jumping in the water from the boat and exploring the beach and marine life.And, if it’s a lucky day, our friends the dolphins could visit them

    Do you follow any specific restrictions and guidelines due to COVID19? Have you updated your amenities?

    Greece has been praised recently in international media as the best EU country in Covid 19 handling. This has been achieved by a strategy of a rapid and comprehensive response.We scrupulously follow the updated Greek official yachting guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers and our crews.

    Do the parents and kids need to be experienced in Sailing before booking with you?

    It’s not necessary since our catamarans are very stable and safe and our crew highly experienced

    Would you suggest a Sailing Experience to a family also for Summer 2020, even with the uncertainty spread by COVID19?

    The sea is probably the safest place to be today!

    Share 3 reasons why you love Mykonos

    1. The quiet beauty of the Cycladic maze of Hora (Town).

    2. The beaches, from a tiny, secluded cove lapped at by cerulean waters, to a wide stretch of sugar-white sand.

    3. Magical sunsets and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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