The Durrells!: Visit the Locations in Corfu

    Corfu, Greece, was one of the first places in Greece which became famous touristic destinations and that wasn’t a coincidence: Its olive groves, impressive landscapes, picturesque villages, long and interesting history attracted the Europeans (mostly), among which lots of British citizens.

    The Complete Guide to the TV show’s “The Durrells” Locations

    Louisa, Larry, Leslie, Margo and Gerry were also attracted by the greenest island in Greece, in 1935, much before mass tourism occurred. What they discovered there was brightness, color and freedom. They were planning to spend the rest of their lives on the island but World War II had a different opinion… “It was like being allowed into Paradise” Gerry mentions in his “Corfu Trilogy”, the books where he recorded his childhood memories on the island! The lovely TV show is actually based on those books, it is a true story and this makes the show even more charming!

    Where was the TV series filmed?

    Kontokali and Danilia Village

    The “Durrells” show was filmed almost exclusively on the island of Corfu, except for the scenes taking place in England.

    Buildings and neighborhoods were required for the filming which would seem to be untouched by modernization; let us not forget that the Durrell family was on the island in the 30’s: electricity cables, air-conditioning units etc didn’t yet exist and therefore the houses where the family actually stayed couldn’t be used…


    The villa were most of the filming was made is located at the area of Kontokali, 10 minutes by car from the town center, it is not open to the public and it can be seen from a distance. You can have a closer look if you are willing to walk on the beach of Sotiriotissa and then for a few minutes in the sea (water up to the knees). This way you will recognize, except for the villa itself, the sea-front where the family used to dine carrying the table down to the water!

    The scenes in the market, the town center, the police station where Leslie worked, the apartment where Larry lived with the mean landlady, etc were all filmed in the “village of Danilia” or “Boua’s village” as the locals call it, constructed in the 70’s as a thematic park, a unique replica of a traditional Corfiot village! Scenes of “For your your eyes only” and “My Big Fat Wedding 3” were as well shot there! You should get informed about the current opening hours before you pay a visit. (no entrance fees

    Scenes in Corfu Town! 

    The Venetian town of Corfu was also used for the filming: Part of the defensive moat of the Old Fortress was the harbor, where e.g. aunt Hermione was welcomed by the family! The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George (Museum of Asian Art) was used as the Bank, outside which in the first episodes Spyros the taxi driver is arguing with its director for the Durrells’ funds which weren’t yet accessible for the familly! Doctor’s (Mr Petrides!) house is to see at the neighborhood Tenedos, next to the catholic church with the same name!

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    And we shouldn’t forget – even if it isn’t featured in the show – the venetian building full of charm, at the alley Moustoxidou, which used to be the hotel “Pension Suisse” where the family actually stayed for a short time just after their arrival!

    In the countryside!



    Mon Repos palace, summer residence of the British High Commissioners and birth place of Prince Philip of England, was used (outdoor shooting) as the house of Contessa Mavroudaki, where Margo used to work (and fell in love with the gardener!). From the hill of Kanoni, nearby, you are able to admire – except for the MouseIsland – the lagoon where Gerry used to search for his little creatures and where he actually met Costis the prisoner! Walking for about 15 minutes in the garden of Mon Repos towards the beach you will discover the stone peer used for plenty of scenes!

    Both the Strawberry-pink villa and the Snow-white house, used by the family, were close to this lagoon. The pink one (which is nowadays to rent) is slightly visible at the opposite hill! The white one has been demolished a long time ago… This lagoon couldn’t be used for the filming though. Why? Because in the 60’s the runway of the airport was constructed in it. Korission lagoon, South Corfu, was used instead!

    The rocks of Margo!

    Do you remember Margo sunbathing on the rocks outside a little monastery and the monk furious was shouting at her, till the moment she offered him a cigarette? You surely do! Well, you need to walk for a while or just use a boat to approach this coast! Nearby Nissaki, a few hundred meters from the beach Krouzeri (Nissaki), to the North. The famous Saint Arsenius’ Shrine!

    Cape Drastis!

    3rd season, episode 1: Louisa is writing a letter to aunt Hermione sitting above the unique coastline of Cape Drastis! You may as well remember Louisa talking to Spyros at the same place with the same breathtaking view! Among the most impressive landscapes of Corfu, you need a car, comfortable shoes and patience to reach it, as it is at the extreme northwest coast of the island! You won’t regret it though! 

    The White House!


    Last but not least: The White House! Standing by the sea in the area of Kalami, Northeast coast of Corfu, opposite South Albania (Remember the episode when Larry arrived mistakenly by boat there?) it used to be one of the few houses standing at that bay in the 30’s.

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    It wasn’t used for the filming but you should’t miss it! The interior is not accessible to the public but the ground floor is nowadays a famous restaurant where you will enjoy local flavors, sitting on the same rocks where Larry and his wife Nancy would once upon a time swim naked, shocking the puritan co-villagers!



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