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    Aegean Airlines keeps impressing us with its commitment to support the Greek tourism and economy.

    In a recent press release, Aegean Airlines announced the new timetable which includes a network of 134 destinations (100 international in 42 countries and 34 domestic). Specifically, 10 new countries and 16 international destinations are added to AEGΕAN’s 2015 summer timetable.

    New countries: Netherlands, Malta, Kuwait, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Iran, Armenia, Croatia

    New destinations: Helsinki, Toulouse, Deauville, Metz, Napoli, Pisa, Malta, Amsterdam, Kuwait, Paphos, Riyadh, Tallinn, Oslo, Teheran, Dubrovnik, Yerevan

    In addition, the number of destinations and service frequency to countries which are significant sources of tourism such as France, Italy, Switzerland, England and Germany is being increased.

    The flight increase will be more intensive in 2015 from the main base of Athens and Heraklion, but shall also cover activities from other 6 bases of Aegean, namely, Rhodes, Corfu, Chania, Kos, Kalamata and Larnaca.

    Source: Press Release Aegean Airlines, Heraklion, 18 November 2014

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    • I’ve had great experiences on Aegean Airlines, couldn’t believe they provided meals on short flights!


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