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Introducing SkyGreece Airlines

    SkyGreece Airlines was the new kid on the block in terms of transatlantic flights to Greece. The new airline was ‘born’ in order to connect the Greek Diaspora members with Greece with regular, direct, and low-cost flights.

    SkyGreece Airlines was founded by Greek Diaspora members with experience in the fields of aviation and tourism. The company is based in Markopoulo, Attica, and also has offices in Montreal, Toronto and New York. It employs 150 people in total, 100 of which work in Greece, while another 60 will be recruited in cabin crew positions.

    According to an announcement:

    • SkyGreece Airlines would make the first flight from Athens to Toronto on May 24
    • On June 18 another flight will depart for Toronto from Thessaloniki (with a stop in Budapest, Hungary)
    • The first SkyGreece Airlines flight from Athens to New York will take place on June 19. Most routes have three scheduled flights per week.
    • During the winter the numbers will drop to two flights per week between Athens and New York, one flight between Athens and Toronto and one flight from Dubai to Toronto.
    • In the long-term, the company plans on adding several flight routes between Greece, Chicago, Boston and South Africa.

    Source: Greek Reporter

    UPDATE: In November 2015, SkyGreece declared bankruptcy two months after ending operations.

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        UPDATE (AUGUST 2016):


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