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Organization Earth

    A beautiful farm where your kids will enjoy playing around in nature. Organization Earth is located in Ilion municipality at the Basilissis ranch and covers a surface area of 25 acres. The complex is comprised of preserved buildings that were constructed during 1848-1861 for the first kings of Greece, Othona and Amalia and it functioned as a model Centre for Agriculture and Livestock.

    It offers various activities for children such as Travel to the Centre of the Earth and Sundays On Earth during which the Sunday family lunch is revived with the participation of both children and adults. Organic farm produce from the ranch is used in the preparation of the food. In addition, several different activities take place, aimed at bonding and learning to cooperate.

    A tour guide is available at the ranch for single visitors as well as groups. The tour lasts one hour and costs 5€/person. During the tour, both adults and children are taught the secrets of the food chain by getting more familiar with the flora and fauna of the ranch.

    The ecological bookstore and ecological store next to the reception will definitely impress both you and your children with its toys, garden tools and clothing made from organic or recyclable materials, while the impressive projection room will certainly draw your attention.

    Families should know

    • The various activities are offered both in Greek & English
    • The ranch has no parking. However, you can park at the Escape mall, which has 1,000 parking spaces
    • During August the ranch is closed
    • Every Sunday they offer 3 hours of free entertainment for the kids in collaboration with the Paihnidagogeio playground
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    Telephone: (+30)2102325380
    Address: 67 Dimokratias st., Ilion, 13122, Athens

    Kids will love

    • Rolling around in the soil
    • Running around the ranch
    • The horses

    Parents will love

    • The Sunday lunch with traditional Greek food
    • The shade beneath the berry trees
    • The sense of relaxation that the place offers
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • During summer you can relax beneath the shade of the huge trees.

    • The best way for your kids to get to know the animals and come in contact with nature.


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