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Rhous Winery

    Rhous winery is tempamently closed.

    Rhous winery is located in Houdetsi village, 25 km south of the city of Heraklion. The winery (which used to be known as Tamiolakis Winery) is a family business created out of their love for wine.

    Built on a hill, the Rhous winery is surrounded by vineyards and fragrant varieties of Cretan grapes. Maria Tamiolaki and Dimitris Mansolas will greet you in person and answer any questions you have about wine production. Don’t expect to see a massive production unit with complex facilities – the winery is small but has an extremely warm atmosphere.

    Parents will have the opportunity to taste the wines of the estate and relax while enjoying the view. The slightly older children will certainly listen with interest to how wine is produced and bottled. The youngest visitors can play in the outside yard.

    The farm offers guided tours and wine tastings but advance booking is required. However, if you are a last-minute person, do not hesitate to visit the winery as there is no doubt that someone will be there to greet you and make you feel comfortable.

    Do not make the mistake of leaving without buying a few bottles of wine from the shop: prices are much more competitive there.

    Families should know

    • Do not forget your sunscreen and hat as it can get boiling hot during the summer
    • We do not recommend that you visit the winery if you have babies or toddlers. In many places, there are staircases which makes access with buggies difficult
    • The Rhous winery is only 10 minutes away from the village of Houdetsi by car. However, the road has sharp bends and is narrow in many places
    Telephone: (+30)2810742083
    Address: Houdetsi, Municipality of Heraklion Crete

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    Kids will love

    Maria’s version of the story of how wine is produced… it is like a fairytale

    Parents will love

    • The years of experience when it comes to wine tasting
    • The breathtaking views of the vineyards
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Warm and authentic environment. Maria is the sweetest guide for kids and for adults.

    • Close your eyes… and you feel that you are in a picturesque vineyard in the south of Italy.


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