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St. Anthony’s Gorge

    Families should know

    • The trail might be a bit tedious for younger children, but will certainly enchant older ones
    • Access to the gorge with a buggy is relatively hard
    • Do not forget to take hats and suncream for your children
    • Supply yourselves with water from the taverna before you start walking
    • Make sure you wear comfy trekking shoes so that you do not feel uncomfortable and lose out on this trekking experience
    • The ideal would be to rent a car so as to be able to do a proper day trip

    Apart from St. Anthony’s Gorge, there are still plenty of unspoiled spots in Crete. Please read here the article about the Enchanting places in Crete as well as Crete’s Natural Wonders.

    Address: St. Antonios, Patsos Amariou, Rethymno

    Kids will love

    • The easy trail through the gorge
    • The birdsong

    Parents will love

    • The wildness of the gorge
    • The little church of St. Anthony within the rock
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Maybe one of the easiest gorges for walking with your kids. Labelled with scaffoldings, bridges, paths and ledges with ropes.

    • The ambience withing the church of St. Anthony under the rock shelter is quite devout. Among the most picturesque churches to calm down and pray.

    • You are surrounded by nature…the only thing that you hear are birds and running water. Enchanting.

    • A very good alternative to the gorge of Samaria for both kids and less fit adults.


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