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Fragkokastelo Beach

    Fragkokastelo Beach is situated in the south part of Chania district in a small valley east of Lefka Ori. It is undoubtedly one of the most well-know beaches of Crete. Chania city is around 80km away and beautiful Sfakia only 13km away. Besides the magical landscape, Fragkokastelo is reknown for the Venetian castle that welcomes any guest who arrives in the area as well as for the myth of the legendary ‘Drosoulites’.

    Fragkokastelo beach is ideal for kids. The beach is organised, with green-blue shallow, calm waters and golden sand. The high mountains in combination with the green valley and the crystal clear sea compose a unique colour palette.

    The area is touristically developed and there are many alternatives for food or coffee available. The only issue that you might have to deal with during your stay is the strong south wind. Besides that, Fragkokastelo is a place that’s really worth a visit.

    Families should know

    • You will find several accommodation options available in Fragkokastelo, but they are not luxurious
    • The nearest ATM and medical office is located at Sfakia
    • The key detriment to visiting Fragkokastelo beach is that it can be easily affected by south winds, which usually get stronger. The winds can make your time at the beach quite difficult/ even painful due to sand movement
    Address: Fragkokastello, Sfakia, Chania


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    Kids will love

    The calm and shallow waters; it’s like swimming in a giant swimming pool

    Parents will love

    The unique landscape and the golden beach next to the castle

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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Our kids were fascinated with the castle and the myth of Drosoulites. They loved the sea and the fantastic sandy beach! We suggest that you visit Fagakastelo without a second thought.

    • A magical landscape that travels you to another era…The feeling cannot be described with words. The sea was amazing! Crystal clear waters, shallow and calm. Kids did not want to leave the beach. We relaxed on the sand in front of the beautiful castle.

    • Fragokastelo is a place that’s really worth visiting. The beach is wonderful and ideal for children. We were a bit unlucky since it was windy when we got there and the sand was quite annoying…However, we sat at the small tavern on the beach and savoured many traditional Cretan delicacies.

    • Magical beach! We arrived at Fragokastelo early in the morning and did not leave until it got dark. The sea is lovely, with green-blue waters like a lake. The kids spent endless hours playing with the sand! It was one of the most beautiful excursions we made while in Crete.


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