Lygaria beach Heraklion ©
Lygaria beach Heraklion ©
Lygaria beach Heraklion ©
Lygaria beach Heraklion ©

Lygaria Beach

    Lygaria beach is located 21km north west of Heraklion and 1km east of Agia Pelagia. The Bay of Lygaria is closed off and well protected from the winds blowing in the region so it is an excellent and safe alternative for any family.

    The beach is very beautiful with coarse sand and turquoise calm waters and the small boats create a magical scenery. Lygaria is very popular among locals (families and also couples) who prefer it to the more trendy beaches located east of Heraklion.

    Families should know

    • The eastern part is less protected from the waves and gathers more dirt. If you go to the west, the water is cleaner and more peaceful
    • Smooth rocks are found just near the shore in the water. We advise you to go to the west part of Lygaria where there is sand. Look for it as it will be easier for you and your children
    • Avoid visiting Lygaria during the weekends when hundreds of locals are craving a swim in the sea. Finding a parking spot is challenging to say the least
    • Be aware that the water in Lygaria is shallow as you enter the sea but suddenly deepens. It is advisable that you accompany your children and let them be aware of the sea depth
    • Do not be tempted to visit the nearby Lygaria Village. Contrary to the beautiful natural scenery around the beach, the Village is not picturesque at all. Just turn your back and enjoy the wonderful view of the north side of the beach
    • Are you thirsty or hungry but your kids are really enjoying the sand games? No need to interrupt the fun. It is recommended that you find a spot in front of “En Plo”
    • If you would like to visit Lygaria you will need a car. It sits off the national highway Heraklion-Rethymno. Approximately 20 km west of Heraklion, follow the Lygaria sign and turn right. Then follow the road downhill that leads to the beach
    Address: Lygaria Beach, Heraklion


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    Kids will love

    • Sandcastle making and other fun beach games
    • The clear, calm and blue water

    Parents will love

    • The crystal blue water that will remind you of the isolated beaches in the south of Crete
    • The tranquillity of the landscape
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • It does not matter how strong the wind is! Lygaria bay is always calm … stay assured that kids will do endless diving.

    • Very good alternative for those who want to avoid a long drive to get to crystal serene water.

    • It is very important that we are able to park near the beach due to the stroller that we have to carry with us all the time.


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