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Polyrizos (Rodakino) Beach

    On the south coast and approximately 46km from Rethymno, just 3km away from the small village of Rodakino, you will find the beautiful beach of Polyrizos. Its clean, shallow waters, along with nice sand and a calm sea make Polyrizos suitable for children of all ages. That said, do not expect to find a level of organization or comfort similar to that offered in most beaches on the north coast.

    At Polyrizos, the only things you will find are a few umbrellas and trees for shade. Right above the beach there are some rooms to rent, a few small tavernas, a mini market and dense olive trees. On the west side of the beach, there is a big hill named Kastelos that reaches into the mainland. If you enjoy calmness and isolation, it is well worth paying a visit: each of the beaches of south Crete has their own color and a special wild beauty that won’t be found anywhere else.

    Families should know

    • The landscape on your way to Rodakino is very nice. The village is situated at the exit of a gorge that comes down from Mount Kryoneritis
    • Due to the fact that the wider area has not been developed for tourism, if you decide to visit the beaches near Polyrizos you should be well prepared. It is wise to take a portable beach umbrella with you—and don’t forget your hats!
    • The temperature of the sea in the south is usually lower compared to beaches in the north. In the summer, this makes for a wonderfully cool dip, but at other times of year, you may find the sea water a little bit too bracing
    • The sea in the south coast of Crete is not as wavy as on the north coast. However, the wind can cause a sand storm . Should this occur while you visit, we recommend retreating to a nearby taverna.
    Address: Polyrizos, Rodakino, Rethymno


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    Kids will love

    Playing on the sand—especially with the many little pebbles dotted around

    Parents will love

    The absolute serenity coupled with the wild scenery that dominates the surrounding landscape

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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • At Polirizos beach one can really escape from the noise and the crowd and truly enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of the beach.

    • Polirizos might not be an organised beach, but the clean sea and the calm landscape make you forget everything. The kids enjoyed swimming and played for several hours on the sand and we admired the beautiful scenery.

    • Wonderful sea, shallow waters and sand for the kids to play! A small tavern right on the beach and a few visitors. Ideal conditions for really relaxing holidays.

    • The sea at Polirizos beach is rarely wavy and the kids can play in it for hours without any fear since the water is calm and shallow. Completely different landscape compared to the beaches in the northern part of the island. Peaceful and more real.


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