The Greek mythology online course titled meet the Olympian gods

The Creation of the World and the Battle of the Gods Online Class

Next online Greek Mythology Class: Sun, November 22 at 12 pm EST, 5 pm London time

Join us in this 1-hour interactive online class for kids and learn about the Birth of the 12 Olympians and their adventurous journey to mount Olympus!

We have all heard about the 12 great Olympian Gods living at the top of mount Olympus. But how many of you actually know how these Gods were born?

Was their route to mount Olympus smooth and easy or maybe filled with hard challenges?

Most of us know Zeus and his powers well, but how did he grow up and became so powerful?

During this online class, broadcasting live from Athens, Greece, we will discover together the fascinating stories of the Olympian Gods. We will explore how the world was created, according to Greek Mythology, and who ruled it before them.

Our little heroes will witness the great Titanomachy, the fight of the mighty Titans and the Olympian Gods, taking place for the supremacy of the cosmos! They will then have to choose side in the most important battles of all time, the legendary Gigantomachy; an epic battle between Gods and Giants where heroes will decide its fate!

All these mythological heroes and creatures will come to life during ‘The Creation of the World and the Battle of the Gods’ online class for kids!

Our Greek Mythology storytelling expert, will fully engage kids through fun and interactive activities, applications, polls and quizzes.

This is an excellent and fun way for your kids to learn about the fascinating lives of the mighty Olympian Gods, from their birth until their rise to their glorious palace at mount Olympus.

Duration of the online class: 1 hour via Zoom

Ideal age: 7-14 years old

Language: English

Learn about:

– How the world was created and who ruled it before the Olympians Gods

– How Zeus became the most powerful God of all

– The great Titanomachy, the fight of the mighty Titans and the Olympian Gods

– The legendary Gigantomachy, the most epic battle between Gods and Giants

What’s included:

– An 1-hour online interactive online class

– A Greek mythology expert storyteller live from Athens

– Printable material after the online class

– A quiz before the event

– Quizzes and interactive games during the live online class

– Printable posters of the Olympian Gods after the event

If you would like more info email us at [email protected]

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How do I receive the login information? Within 24 hours before the event, you will receive the Zoom instructions. If you purchase the event ticket last minute, you will receive the Zoom instructions ASAP. PLEASE check your junk/ spam folder! Email us at [email protected] if you have any issues.

My child has attended the online Greek Mythology Camp. Is this online class different? If your child has already done our Greek Mythology camps organized in summer 2020, you should not register for this online class.

Is there a minimum number of participants? In order for us to run this online class, we need at least 5 participants. You will be refunded the money if we do not reach that number.

In my family, there is more than 1 child. Do I need to buy multiple tickets? No. Siblings do not need to purchase multiple tickets as long as they login from the same device.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Email us at [email protected]

The date/ time is not good for me. Will you organize any other events? Yes! Email us at [email protected] with your preferred dates/ time and we will do our best to organize an online class at a convenient time.

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Kids will love

  • The fascinating stories about the great Titanomachy and the legendary Gigantomachy
  • The fun games, quizzes and polls
  • Interacting with our playful Greek story teller

Parents will love

  • All the engaging and fun activities used by our expert story teller
  • The balanced combination of fun and learning

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