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Virtual Tours in Greece

We believe that virtual tours are the next best thing to being in Greece. Also, virtual tours are great resource for those families who like to research their destination thoroughly before they visit.

Mobtil 3D Acropolis Tour App

Kids Love Greece Mobtil partner offers an Acropolis 3D Virtual tour about the Ancient Acropolis. With this App you will have the opportunity to see the Acropolis in full 3D view and reconstructed as it was in antiquity with colors, statues and ancient Greeks. The visual part comes together with audio narration and has been supervised by a team of archaeologists.

Ancient Athens 3D

A very nice website with free tools to discover Ancient Athens through 3D representations. Kids can see how the ancient monuments used to look like and what life was like in ancient Athens.

Tours on YouTube

Athens Virtual Tour, Acropolis in Athens, Santorini Virtual Tour, Greek Islands Hopping

360 Tourist.Net

This website offers virtual tours over the whole world including (lesser-known) parts of Greece. It works like Google Street view and lets you explore monasteries, ports and small town with a click of the mouse.

Benaki Museum

If your family loves museums tours, have a look at the Benaki Museum website for a complete virtual tour through this famous Athens’ private museums permanent exhibition.

Greece from home

Greece from home is a platform with videos of Greek personalities and creators from around the world. Greek-inspired music, mythology, cuisine, arts, crafts, fashion, sport and style all brought together on one YouTube Channel as well as a selection of videos of destinations and experiences from around Greece. So don’t forget to tune in daily and stay connected with Greece.

Google Arts & Culture

This department of Google features content from over 2000 leading museums and archives who have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to bring the world’s most famous museums, sites and other cultural attractions to your living room. Explore ‎360° videos of Greece and the rest of the world and visit Naxos or Ancient Corinth.

Acropolis Museum

The celebrated Acropolis Museum is one of the most import in the world. On its website, families can explore the museum through its exhibition halls. Through Learning Resources, The museum website connects to online games for kids and other digital educational platforms.

The Museum of Cycladic Art

This museum has some of the most important collections in the world. The museum is now offering an online tour of its landmark exhibition ‘Cycladic Society: 5,000 Years Ago’. Presented as part of efforts to mark the museum’s 30th anniversary, the online exhibition explores the structure of Cycladic society during the early Bronze Age (3200 to 2000 BC), the natural environment, the occupations of the islands’ inhabitants, their social or religious customs and their beliefs, through selected items of the early Cycladic culture.

Clio Muse Self Guided Virtual Tours

Clio Muse virtual experiences combine award-winning audio tours with a great selection of real satellite and street view images of the monument and its surroundings. Move forward, backward, turn towards and gain an interactive 360° experience at the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora or the Temple of the Olympian Zeus.

Athens on Google Street View

Who hasn’t tried to find a place on Google Street View? Kids love to look things up on Google Street View. Travel to Athens and explore ancient old monuments and the Acropolis from the comfort of your sofa. Let the kids decide on the route and follow them into the picturesque streets of Plaka, Monasteraki and the impressive Syntagma square!

360 sites.gr

360sites.gr takes you virtually to the most beautiful tourist destinations in Greece, through the easiest and most fascinating way. Explore the most significant points of interest as if you’re already there. You can also find a complete guide with useful information about the area, such as all the available hotels, rooms to let, guest houses, and restaurants to help you organise your trip to Greece.

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