Tips for family friendly holidays in Mykonos


Follow our Tips for family friendly holidays in Mykonos and enjoy this amazing island in Cyclades.

Families Should Know

  • Siesta time in between 3-5 pm in Mykonos, and many stores might be closed during this time.
  • Be prepared to pay a high price for sunbeds/ umbrellas, but even worse, you might see the sign “reserved” on some of them.
  • Head to the beach early or very late so that you will not be disappointed.

Recommendations By Locals

  • For frozen yogurt, go to Yogurt Berry (+30 2289 078588).
  • Our favourite Greek souvlaki in Mykonos is Pontus (Οβελιστήριον ο Πόντος)
  • For coffee, juices and snacks, go to ODE Mykonos; some locals might know as Palia Aigli.
  • Mamalouka is the favourite Greek restaurant of the Greeks. There is a lovely garden too.
  • Ftelia is a nice beach restaurant with sea views at Ftelia Beach.
  • If you fancy meat, go to Uno Con Carne (steak house /oyster house).
  • If you find yourself near the airport, stop at Flora Supermarket. This is one of he trendiest supermarkets in Europe, and it even has a DJ!
  • If you are a waterpark lover, go to “Watermania” near Elia.
  • For horseback riding with professional riding instructors, there is a school located in Ano Mera.

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