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2022 – New Dates for PERCY JACKSON Small Group Trips

    Over the last few seasons, our private family Mythological Tours and Percy Jackson inspired Themed Trips have proven to be very popular. So, for 2022 we are going to offer new Percy Jackson semi private options!

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    We’ve got some exciting news for you!

    Kids Love Greece specializes in organizing tailor-made private family tours in Greece. For 2022, we are going to offer a limited number of small group Percy Jackson trips in Greece on selected dates!

    Greece Percy Jackson Small Group TRIPS

    Our Percy Jackson tours have proven to be a great way for families to experience Greece. Kids who know and love the Percy Jackson books have an extra dimension added to their Greek vacation, and adults appreciate the engaging way our guides present the various archaeological sites and activities. Even if you and your kids have never heard of Percy Jackson, these tours are a unique and fun way to explore Greece.

    The Percy Jackson Small Group Trips are multi-day itineraries where 3 or 4 families sign up for each period. The benefits of a small group tour are:

    • There will be a very small number of participants
    • Participants are families only
    • Tours are cost saving compared to our bespoke private family Percy Jackson tours in Greece.
    • You’ll get to meet some great families who share an interest in finding out more about Greece and Greek mythology!
    • Percy Jackson fans always love to meet other Percy Jackon fans! They have so much in common!
    • According to the feedback we have had, the interaction with other families is fascinating and special both for adults and children!

    Why take a Percy Jackson small group tour?

    In addition to those listed above, there are several other reasons why a Percy Jackson small group trip is appealing. They are a great idea for one-child families. It gives kids the opportunity to meet others, something that will really help them get deeper into the experience of it all. And of course our small group tours a far different to the very big package tours you see on offer. The maximum number of people on our semi-private Percy Jackson tours would be 14.

    When are the Percy Jackson small group tours taking place in 2022?

    We’ve chosen some popular holiday dates for the small group tours to begin with.

    We are also happy and flexible to arrange small group Percy Jackson tours on other dates should there be significant demand. So, if you don’t see any suitable dates here , do not hesitate to contact the Kids Love Greece team anyway!

    The 3-day Small Group Percy Jackson announced dates are:

    March 2022April 2022
    Saturday 26thTuesday 12th (FULLY BOOKED)
    Friday 15th
    Friday 29th
    May 2022June 2022
    Friday 13th
    Friday 20th
    Saturday 28th
    Thursday 2nd
    Thursday 9th
    Thursday 16th
    Thursday 23rd
    Monday 27th
    July 2022August 2022
    Saturday 2nd
    Thursday 14th
    Thursday 21st
    Thursday 28th
    Thursday 11th
    Thursday 18th
    Thursday 25th
    September 2022October 2022
    Saturday 3rdSaturday 8th
    Thursday 20th

    Does this sound like something you would like to find out more about? If so, please contact us, and we’ll get back to you. We’d love to see you out on the Percy Jackson trail and adventure in Greece!

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    • We are very interested in a “small-group” (Athens) Percy Jackson Tour on July 2. Does this exist? If so, what is the cost? What are the details?

      • Dear Alexander,
        Thank you for contacting us. A member of our team has emailed you.
        On behalf of the Kids Love Greece team

      • Hello Kelly,
        Maria Giannouli has sent you an email with all the information about our Greek Mythology Tours inspired by Percy Jackson.
        Thank you.

    • I’m interested in more information regarding the small group tour on May 20th,2022.

      • Dear Julie,
        Thank you for your message. We will send you all the information about our Percy Jackson small group on May 20th via email.
        Thank you,


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