The Best Museums in Athens for Kids


We all know that getting kids and museums to mix can be a tough task, but don’t panic! There’s no need to give up on your desire to find out more about the cultural heritage of Greece. Here’s some of the best museum in Athens that kids will love.

Museums in Athens kids will love

If you want to visit some of the museums in Athens to find out more about the history of Greece and its people, but are concerned your kids might not enjoy it, we’ve got great news! Here are our favourite Athens museums that all the family, especially your kids, will enjoy visiting!

The Acropolis Museum

view of Acropolis hill through the Acropolis museum window
View from the Acropolis Museum

We’ll start by mentioning perhaps the most famous museum in Athens – The Acropolis Museum. It’s an essential place to visit during your time in the Greek capital, and fortunately there are various ways to make your visit more interesting for the kids!

If visiting the Acropolis museum by yourselves, you should ask at the reception desk for their ‘kids bags’. These have a number of goodies, including a mini-treasure hunt around the museum! The kids will be led from exhibit to exhibit, sparking their curiosity and enthusiasm.

The second option, is to take one of our family friendly tours of the Acropolis. In the company of an expert kid-friendly guide, your kids will be kept engaged throughout their visit as our guide brings to life the exhibits on display. Find out more about our family guided tours of the Acropolis here.

The Cycladic Art Museum

The excellent little museum is spread out over several floors, and whilst we’re sure the kids will love all of them, it’s the top floor that will really appeal. Here, there is an exhibit themed ‘the daily lives of ancient Athenians’, which is truly fascinating.

Through the displays and film, your kids will discover how Athenian lives were lived from their births through to their deaths. It’s a real insight into ancient Greece, and something we’re sure they will take many lessons from.

If you are interested in visiting the Cycladic Art Museum, we can include it on a bespoke sightseeing itinerary of Athens for families. Just contact us through the onscreen chat box for more details!


Music Museum

It’s official title may be the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments, but we like to call this the Music Museum. Situated in Plaka, we definitely recommend you drop by here, even if it’s for just a half an hour.

Inside, you can see instruments displayed from all over Greece, along with explanations behind them. Even better though, you can listen to traditional music from all around the Greek islands and mainland through the headphones set at different stations.

The kids are sure to love listening to how music from some islands seems ‘happy’, whereas the music from other parts seems ‘sad’. There may also be a music lesson or rehearsal you could listen in on. Just ask the museum attendants when you visit!

For more details on visiting other museums in Athens and planning a Greek vacation itinerary, contact the Kids Love Greece team today. We’d love to share our local knowledge with you so we can plan the best Greek vacation!


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