Reasons to visit Greece in 2019


When it comes to destinations for family vacations in Europe, Greece consistently takes the number one spot. With great weather, food, culture and history, what isn’t there to love?

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2019 Vacations in Greece

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If you’re looking for a family friendly destination in Europe for your 2019 vacations, look no further than Greece! This Mediterranean country located in the south of Europe seems to have it all. Great food, unique traditions, history stretching back thousands of years, and some of the best beaches in the world.

Reasons to visit Greece

There are countless reasons why you should visit Greece in 2019. Here’s a few of the most persuading ones!

Greece is Safe

Safety is perhaps the most underplayed reason to visit Greece. Families are able to walk around in safety late at night, the islands have a laid back feel and tranquil atmosphere, and some of the smaller ones don’t even need police officers at all!

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If you’re looking for a family destination where you can relax and unwind, then come to Greece. It’s a different world than the hectic, chaotic cities in the US!

Greece has great food

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of Mediterranean cuisine, and how it is thought to be one of the healthiest ion the world. Lot’s of fresh, locally grown produce, olive oil and unprocessed foods contribute toward it being tasty and healthy. Whether you’re interested in eating traditional dishes, vegan dishes, or sweet desserts, Greek food is a real eye opener!

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You don’t need to look far to find good Greek food in Greece. Literally every taverna serves good quality food! To take your experience further though, try a food tour when in Greece.

Greece has Ancient History

If your family is interested in history and mythology, then Greece must be a dream destination! Often cited as the birthplace of western civilisation, there are palaces, cities, and archaeological sites that date back thousands of years. From near mythological places like Mycenae to the imposing Acropolis of Athens, history is everywhere.

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We know that sometimes kids might struggle with archaeological sites, so we created a series of tours throughout Greece designed with kids in mind. Combining stories from the Percy Jackson books and Greek mythology, our Percy Jackson tours in Greece have been a real hit with families on vacation.

Greece has beautiful islands

Everyone has heard of the Greek island of Santorini, but there are hundreds more to choose from, and almost all of them are better suited for families! Sure, Santorini is beautiful, but as a family destination it’s not particularly outstanding.

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Instead, we’d suggest heading to Greek islands such as Naxos and Milos. They are far less busy, still retain their authenticity, and have much better beaches. Talking of which…

Greece has great beaches

Yes, Greece has some of the best beaches in the world! Crystal clear waters appear deep blues from a distance, stretches of sand ring stunning islands, and the waters are invitingly warm during the summer. If you love beaches, then you will surely love Greece!

To find out more about family vacations in Greece in 2019, contact the Kids Love Greece team today through the onscreen chat function.


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