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Now Is the Best Time to Plan Your Family Vacation in Greece [2022]

    A new year has started and new plans are being made. It is the perfect time to start thinking of the summer! Here’s why now is the best time to choose to plan your 2022 family vacation in Greece.

    Popular Greek destinations in 2022

    Some popular islands such as Santorini and Mykonos are renowned for being busy in August, and many of the people visiting during this time book up months in advance.

    Accommodation prices during these peak periods can rise suddenly and hotels can have an eventual price far higher than originally anticipated. That’s if the accommodation you want is still available of course!

    Fortunately, Kids Love Greece is here to help!

    We’d love to use this post to help show you the different areas of the Kids Love Greece website so that you can discover more information that will help you plan your 2022 vacation in Greece. We also offer a bespoke vacation planning service and customized trips to ensure you have a great summer vacation in 2022! Contact us at any time you like, and we’ll help develop your Greek vacation together.

    girl shooting photos in Santorini

    Greece for Mythology fans

    If you would like to plan your family vacation in Greece around Greek mythology, we’ve got some great themed trips to suggest. Choose from either single-day trips, or take our full mythology tours.

    Even better, we have developed the concept of the Percy Jackson Greek Mythology Tours – If your kids are fans of the Percy Jackson books and films, they’ll get a real kick out of what’s on offer.

    Greek Island Hopping 2022

    There are literally thousands of Greek islands to choose from, so planning which ones you want to visit and why it may take a little time! Would you prefer the Cyclades or the Ionian islands? Sandy beaches or organized beaches? There’s no time like the present though, and so you might want to check out the following useful resources to help you.

    Greece for outdoor lovers 2022

    Finally, if you are a family of outdoor lovers, now is a great time to begin choosing which regions you want to visit. Whether you are interested in a cycle tour of Greece, hiking, canyoning, kayaking or climbing, we can tell you which regions are the best to visit and at what times of the year.

    We do offer a plethora of outdoor activities for active families all over Greece. Please click here for a sample: outdoor activities for active families.

    river trekking outdoor family adventure Rethymno Crete activities kids love greece

    Contact the Kids Love Greece team through the onscreen chatbox, and we’ll start to assist you. It’s never too early to begin planning your summer vacation for 2022, and we’re always ready to help!

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