Travelling Turtles


We recently posted the following question on our Facebook page: ‘At which beach, ideal for families, can you discover the footprints of turtles?’. We were pleasantly surprised by the wealth of responses! Here is a sample of what we received:

• Gerakas Beach in Zakynthos
• Beach hotel Rithymna Beach, Platanias Rethymnon
• Beach camp, the Astros, Kynourias
• Beach of Laganas in Zakynthos
• Gold Coast in Messinia

baby turtles

Although our initial thought was Elafonisi in Chania, we feel that we should reward all of the friends of Kids Love Greece who participated in our quiz.
Congratulation to our winners:

  • Agiomirgianaki Ritsa
  • Xanthippi Kotzageorgi-Zymaris
  • Maria Zambeti
  • Katerina Tsantrizou Delegas

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