top 5 Cretan Beaches activities

What do children like about beaches?


Snorkeling is perfect in Crete because of the clear, calm, warm and protected sea. Of course there has to be something to see! There is good visibility so you can see an abundance of flora and fauna. Don’t worry about packing snorkeling equipment to take with you as you can buy it in almost every souvenir /hotel shop.


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a memorable experience for anyone and it is well organised in Crete. There are a number of scuba diving clubs and courses you could do. The minimum age is usually 8 years. You can expect to see octopuses, eels, scorpion fish, sea bream, stingrays and sponges. We particularly love the sea anemones.  Email us if you would like some recommendations of scuba diving centres in your chosen area.


Building Sandcastles

Having such lovely sand at your feet lends itself to family fun building sandcastles. All you need is a bucket and spade at the ready, some nice soft sand, then add a bit of water followed by lots of imagination. Children love it – and you may be surprised at what wonders you can create! Click here if you would like to see Kidslovegreece.com recommendations of the top 15 beaches for families in Crete or top beaches for families in Athens.


Water Sports 

Motorised water sports are a big HIT with children. Age limits may apply so to avoid disappointment make sure you check in advance before making any promises. Because we like high adrenaline activities, we especially like jet skis, inflatables, and the parachute!

Jet ski

Boat trips

We saved the best until last. Though not a beach activity as such, we have put boat trips in this category because they usually start from specific beaches or end up visiting a different beach. Please don’t leave Crete without doing a couple of boat trips! They can be long or short depending on the area, and of course you have to consider the age of your children. We plan to have a separate article regarding our favourite boat trips in Crete. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to email us if you would like some recommendations.


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