10 Reasons Why We Love Aegean Airlines


Aegean 1If someone asks me about my favorite airline, I will answer: “Aegean Airlines!” Here are the top 10 reasons why:

1. All flight attendants have big smiles on their faces
2. They are unbelievably nice to kids – always very accommodating and warm
3. Their food tastes better compared to other airlines and they are really innovative with their snacks. Of course, I don’t know if I’d give airplane food a Michelin star any time soon, but Aegean comes close!
4. Their flights are very punctual – this should be expected, but unfortunately it’s not always the case with the airline industry
5. They are consistent – no unpleasant surprises!
6. Their fleet is relatively new (and feels new), which is a bonus in my book
7. Their seats are comfortable and relatively spacious
8. I give them a big award for keeping their planes spotlessly clean. I even love the smell of them!
9. I just love their in-flight magazine – so insightful! I just wish it were lighter so I could take it with me
10. But above all… I just LOVE their communication campaigns: they are “fresh” and innovative, and they seem to really care about their customers. I have a feeling that they are really passionate about Greece and they will do whatever it takes to promote the country abroad!

These are two of our favourite videos of Aegean:

Here are some examples of Aegean’s expansion according to a recent press release (September 16, 2014):

Continue Connections in Western Europe

Aegean will offer connections from Athens to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Manchester, Zurich and Marseille in the winter, with even more options and better connections for passengers.

Will Aim for Significant Expansion in the Middle East and North Africa

During the winter season, starting October 26, Aegean will continue to operate flights to Abu Dhabi, Beirut, and Amman. The company will resume flights to Cairo after a three year hiatus.

Increase Frequency of Existing Routes

The company will offer more frequent flights from Athens to Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Düsseldorf, Geneva, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Rome and Tel Aviv. Specifically:
• Athens – Barcelona 4 times a week (up from 3).
• Athens – Berlin 5 times a week (up from 3), with more frequent flights during the Christmas season.
• Athens – Budapest 3 times a week (up from 2), with more frequent flights during the Christmas season.
• Athens – Dusseldorf 4 times a week (up from 2)
• Athens – Geneva 4 times a week (up from 3)
• Athens – Vienna 5 times a week (up from 4), with more frequent flights during the Christmas season
• Athens – Tel Aviv 6 times a week (up from 5)
• Athens – Prague 5 times a week (up from 3), with more frequent flights during the Christmas season
• Athens – Warsaw 5 times a week (up from 4)
• Athens – Rome 12 times a week (up from 9)

No wonder that Aegean was named the Best Regional Airline in Europe at the 2014 World Airline Awards in July.

Well done Aegean!

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