Pieces of Art by Children at AIA



The artwork was created by children from 31 countries at the Athens International Airport Play Area operated by ‘The Smile of the Child’ over nine months from June 2013 to February 2014.

The young and very creative airport guests are from: Greece, Ireland, UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Russia, Cyprus, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, China, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Peru, Algeria, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand.

On the occasion of the airport Play Area’s 12 years of operation, these children take visitors on an imaginary ‘journey’ to their own countries and thoughts promising at the same time that they will visit Greece again soon!

Reproduced from http://www.visitgreece.gr/en/events/artwork_by_children_at_aia


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