Adventure Park Malakasa

A beautiful park where all activities guarantee absolute entertainment to the younger guests, but also to adventurous parents.

  • Adventure Park Malakasa
    ©Corporate image
  • Adventure Park Malakasa
    ©Corporate image
  • Adventure Park Malakasa
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A really interesting alternative playground. The Adventure Park at Malakasa offers multiple activities depending on the children’s and grown up’s age. From climbing on the trees and air routes from one tree to another, to archery, bungee trampoline and other innovative games.

Thanks to the different markings used at the park, it will be very easy to distinguish what activities suit your children depending on the degree of difficulty. Activities are divided into the following groups: squirrels for children 3-7 year old, foxes for children from 7-11 year old, wolves for children 11-14 year old and eagles for children from 14 year old and older.

The new spider game where kids have to go through barbed wire, tires, nets and ropes and many fake spiders without getting entangled in the nets to find their way out, really stands out.

Families should know

  • You cannot buy food at the park. It is recommended that you bring your own food or order from a nearby tavern for delivery at the park
  • All activities terminate one hour before sunset
  • The park remains closed in extreme weather conditions (e.g. snow)
  • Children below 7 year old should be accompanied by an adult
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Kids will love

  • The air routes
  • The trampoline and the archery
  • The new spider game

Parents will love

  • Picnics beneath the trees
  • Relaxing close to nature, away from the city

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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Wednesday – Friday and Bank Holidays: 10:00 – to sunset


Pricing for tickets is between 6€ – 25€, depending on the package that you will select, the number of activities and the duration.
For more information you can call at (+30)2295098335 // (+30)2103390985 // (+30)6955586818 & (+30 )6947905699 or email at [email protected] .

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Other parents say...

  • Outdoor games to take adrenaline to the max. The best alternative to a family outing!!!

    Sophia P.
  • Our children loved the games and especially the air routes from tree to tree.

    Dyonisis T.
  • We decided to take part in the games. Though we are not particularly fit, I admit that we had an amazing time.

    Takis P.

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