Antoni Tritsi’s Park

The biggest park of the Balkans with a total surface of 1.200 acres. If you are close by, don't miss the opportunity to visit it. You definitely wont find a better place for your kids to play around so close to nature.

  • Antoni Tritsi’s Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Antoni Tritsi’s Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Antoni Tritsi’s Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Antoni Tritsi’s Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Antoni Tritsi’s Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Antoni Tritsi’s Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Antoni Tritsi’s Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Antoni Tritsi’s Park

To realise its size, just imagine Hyde Park in London at 1.420 acres and the National Garden in Athens at only 158 acres. Apart from the abundant green, the park has six artificial lakes where the water is recycled through a special canal.

The playground is located at the central café with the rugs. There is also a horse riding centre and a gym. Furthermore a reptile centre with reptile collections from different parts of the world is situated at the entrance of the park from Spyrou Moustakli Street.

If you are fans of organic products, it is worth visiting  “Natura” organic market that is located next to kafeneio (Greek traditional  café) “Ypoglikaimies” as well as “Geus’Ilion” tavern. There is also an ecological bookstore. At the centre of the park next to the lakes, you will find “Delight” café that has an open playground and is open from 9:00 to 13:00. The area is ideal for picnics at the benches beneath the cool shade of the trees.

In certain areas of the park you will find interesting wooden sculptures and there are two churches and three outdoor theatres. The lending library within the park specialises in environmental and landscape architecture themes.

At this specific park special emphasis is given to environmental education so that kids can get acquainted with the birds and the nature of the park.

Families should know

  • It takes a Long time to walk from one end of the park to the other
  • It is crowded on Sundays and during public holidays, so it is best to visit the park on Saturday or even better during weekdays
  • The park has been slightly abandoned and is not that clean, you will find garbage in certain areas
  • From the entrance of Hasias avenue it is a bit isolated and can be dodgy
  • During winter months the park is not in the same state as it is during spring and summer
  • Prices for horse riding is a bit expensive but it is worth it
  • During weekends service may be slow at the tavern as it gets crowded
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Kids will love

  • The huge lake with the ducks
  • Running around on the endless grass
  • Pony rides

Parents will love

  • Picnic at the benches of the park
  • Tapas at the tavern
  • Bike ride
  • Organic baby stuff at “Natura” market

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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Open from early in the morning until sunset


Free entrance

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Other parents say...

  • A vast space with grass suitable for our kids to play around and for us to relax.

    Krystalli M.
  • A very nice green place and it even has horse riding!

    Evi L.
  • We started our visit by feeding the ducks at the lake, then we ran on the grass and then had a picnic at the benches . A perfect day in nature with our kids.

    Katerina V.
  • Ideal park for a bike ride or the perfect spring walk.

    Lydia E.
  • The tavern looks like it has been taken from an island square and the prices are very reasonable.

    Anna A.
  • We have an even greater time at the park when there is an event organised by “paixnidagogio”.

    Maria T.

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