Cheese Workshop and Tasting in Chania

See cheese made with traditional methods and participate and taste great cretan cheeses

  • Cheese Workshop and Tasting in Chania
  • Cheese Workshop and Tasting in Chania
  • Cheese Workshop and Tasting in Chania
  • Cheese Workshop and Tasting in Chania
  • Cheese Workshop and Tasting in Chania
  • Cheese Workshop and Tasting in Chania
  • Cheese Workshop and Tasting in Chania

This truly authentic experience of Cheese Workshop and Tasting in Chania has certainly a cozy feel to it. Through this activity, the scents and culture of Crete are revealed in the best way , as you will have the chance to make artisan cheese using fresh pasteurised local goats milk, a type of cheese present almost in every cretan household.  All the produce is handmade and no machinery is used. And this is only the beginning.

You will also sample a variety of local cheese and enjoy a lunch with cheese platter and seasonal salads. And of course all products and ingredients will be artisan, local and seasonal. So the taste and flavours will be simply unforgettable for the whole family.

It is not easy to forget the taste of the ‘graviera’ hard cheese and the soft ‘anthotiros’, both of which are made on the premises. Some of these cheeses are years old and still in the maturing process – and cost a significant amount of euros!

The amazing landscape of the area and the excellent guide will add an extra value to this unique experience. Our guides live locally and have a wealth of interesting knowledge of local history, culture and customs. Therefore they are just the right persons to introduce you to this experience.

Depending on the weather, the Cheese Workshop and Tasting in Chania takes place either at a lovely Olive Farm in Litsarda – at the region of Apokoronas near Chania- or at shepherds shed.

We also provide further family friendly activities at the area, as this olive farm is the base for many wonderful events and workshops.

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Families should know

  • The rate includes cheese making, lunch, insider guide and wine (2 different types of wine from local
  • The activity can be offerd on small group basis every Wednesday at 11 am
  • Minimum number of participants is 4 pax and maximum number is 12 pax
  • It can also be arranged on private basis exclusively for your family all other days
  • Τhe duration is approximately 3 hours

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Kids will love

  • Learning about the cheese making process
  • The group spirit of the day

Parents will love

  • The scenery en route
  • The conversation and making new friends over lunch
  • The chance to buy some of the cheese!

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Closed during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
Call before visiting
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€35 per person

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Other parents say...

  • Hi, my family and I are traveling to Greece for 2 weeks for our summer break. We are serious foodies and are very interested in your cheese workshop. My kids are 12 and 14. Please do get back to me on the charges for my family of 4. We will be in Crete from the 16th to the 21st of June. Thank you.

    Warm regards



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