Family Day Trip to Aegina Island from Athens

Discover the Greek island of Aegina on a family day trip from Athens. Find out about island life, taste local delicacies, swim in crystal blue waters and visit an ancient temple in the company of our fun tour leader.

  • Family Day Trip to Aegina Island from Athens
  • Family Day Trip to Aegina Island from Athens
  • Family Day Trip to Aegina Island from Athens
  • Family Day Trip to Aegina Island from Athens
  • Family Day Trip to Aegina Island from Athens
  • Family Day Trip to Aegina Island from Athens
  • Family Day Trip to Aegina Island from Athens

The Greek island of Aegina is just a short trip away from the Athens port of Piraeus, and is an interesting place to visit on a day trip from Athens. Thought to be a favourite island of Zeus, the Greek capital was once located here, and it is an island rich in culture and natural beauty.

Day Trip to Aegina

Your tour begins with a fun ferry ride to the island, where you can either spend your time on the outside deck areas with the views and sea breeze, or relax in the below deck areas on the couches. It’s just a short journey to the island, but there’s plenty of opportunity to take photos along the way!

After arriving on Aegina, the first place we will visit is a cafe that is housed within a traditional house. This is a chance to enjoy some local delicacies and refresh yourselves with homemade lemonade before the exploration of the island begins!

Sightseeing on Aegina with Kids Love Greece

Taking to the road, you’ll head off in search of the island’s cultural heritage, of which there is lots to be found! Aegina has attracted intellectuals and artists for decades, and you’ll get a chance to visit the former house and now museum of Christos Kapralos. We’re sure you’ll love the way that Greek Mythology and art has been blended together, and you don’t need to be an art expert to appreciate it!

Escaping Pirates

Our next stop will be Paleochora, a once busy city built in the middle of the island to protect the people from pirates that plagued the seas! As your kids listen to stories of the pirate raids, they will also discover that there used to be 365 churches in the area, although only 33 survive from those swashbuckling times!

Temple of Aphaea

The next stop on the tour of Aegina is the Temple of Aphaea. It is said that it might form one of the corners of a ‘sacred triangle’, the other two corners being the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion. You’ll have the opportunity to make up your own minds as you stroll around this ancient site and ponder on its mysteries.

Lunch and Swimming

We know how sightseeing can be tiring, so take some time out for lunch and swimming! You’ll have the chance to taste fresh sea food at a family run taverna, and ample opportunity to swim in clear waters and sunbathe after. Recharge you batteries, because there is more to com in the late afternoon!

City Walk and Greek Dancing Lessons

After you have finished relaxing, we’ll return to the city where you can stroll through the picturesque alleyways, admiring the traditional architecture and historic buildings. We’ll also introduce you to the island’s most famous export – pistachio nuts!

To round off your cultural experience, we’ll visit the Folklore Museum where some of the locals can explain traditional crafts such as lace making, before we finish the tour with some Greek Dancing Lessons. This is something everyone is sure to enjoy, and an activity you should definitely capture on film so you can reminisce on the experience in the future!

Families should know

Great way to see a Greek Island close to Athens Full day trip

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Kids will love

The ferry ride to the island Listening to stories about Pirates Swimming and beach time Dancing

Parents will love

Combination of cultural, historical and physical activities Learning more about Greece Expert local guide to answer any questions

Best season to visit

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  • Closed during Summer Summer
  • Closed during Autumn Autumn
  • Closed during Winter Winter

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