Family Visit to a Traditional Olive Oil Farm in Crete

The importance of olives and olive oil to Greece and other Mediterranean countries can not be underestimated. If you want to discover more about the most essential ingredient in the healthy Mediterranean diet, visit a traditional olive oil farm in Crete when on vacation in Crete with the family.

  • Family Visit to a Traditional Olive Oil Farm in Crete
  • Family Visit to a Traditional Olive Oil Farm in Crete
  • Family Visit to a Traditional Olive Oil Farm in Crete
  • Family Visit to a Traditional Olive Oil Farm in Crete

For thousands of years, olives and olive oil have played a crucial part in the Greek diet and way of life. It is unthinkable for a Greek, and especially a Cretan, kitchen to not have any, and it is an essential ingredient in most Greek dishes. With the Mediterranean diet often considered to be one of the healthiest in the world, this Family Visit to a Traditional Olive Oil Farm is a perfect opportunity for everyone to find out more about olives which are a key feature in the diet.

Your family is invited to a traditional Cretan olive oil farm , where you will discover how the olive trees are cared for, and how some can grow to be thousands of years old. You will also learn how and when the olives are harvested, and then how some are chosen to be transformed into oil.

In addition to being shown the olive groves and mill, there will also be olive oil tasting. Each type has its own unique flavour, and where one might be suitable for salads, another might be more suited to cooking. By the end of the tour, everyone is sure to be an expert!

This Family Visit to a Traditional Olive Oil Farm lasts about three hours, and provides not only an opportunity to learn about olives and olive oil, but also a chance to meet some locals and find out about life in rural Crete. It’s an experience everyone will remember!

In addition to the traditional olive oil farm tour, Kids Love Greece also offer a range of family tours and activities in Crete and the rest of Greece. Take a look here to find out more about our family activities in Crete, and here for a range of our guided tours for families in Greece.

Families should know

  • An informative cultural experience for the whole family
  • Suitable for all ages
  • A taste of rural Cretan life
  • This family activity is available in both Heraklion and Chania

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Kids will love

  • Walking through the olive groves
  • Finding out how old olive trees can be
  • Seeing how the olives are made into oil

Parents will love

  • Meeting the the locals and listening to their stories
  • Tasting the different olive oils
  • Learning how to choose the best olive oil for when they return home

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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