Floisvos’ Park Playground

One of the biggest playgrounds' of Athens, literally just a breath away from the sea. The fresh air and the innovative game constructions, divided into zones depending on kids' age, are the playground's key advantages.

  • Floisvos’ Park Playground
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Floisvos’ Park Playground
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Floisvos’ Park Playground
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Floisvos’ Park Playground
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Floisvos’ Park Playground
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Floisvos’ Park Playground
    ©Giorgos Gounezos

It is worth visiting Floisvos’ park just to see the way the playground is constructed. From the park’s 13 acres, half of them are covered by the playground which can host up to 1.400 children!

In the middle of the playground there is a huge construction of 1.000 square metres that has slides and various different levels. Ramps and stairs with triangular handles make it easier for children with disabilities to use it.

Apart from the classic games, the theme constructions such as castles, towers and ships are a must. The playground is divided into various different areas: one for games suitable for toddlers 2-5 years old, one for children up to 12 years old, an area for walking, an area for sports and outdoor fitness, mini soccer and basketball.

Furthermore, there is a canteen from where parents have the opportunity to oversee their children. Families could also enjoy the several different walking and cycling paths that are spread throughout the park.

Families should know

  • During weekends the playground gets crowded and finding a parking space can be difficult
  • You need to be careful if you have younger kids, because the games for younger kids have multiple exits and you have to ensure you supervise your kids at all times
  • Considering the size of the park, there are relatively a few swings for toddlers (only eight) and another eight for older children. The same applies to the see saws
  • The climbing game “Eiffel Tower” reaches a height of about twelve meters, so you need to keep your kids under close supervision
  • There is not enough shade in the park. In fact there are only four benches in the whole park that offer shade
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Kids will love

  • The fun slides
  • The carefree games on the grass

Parents will love

  • The endless view of the sea and the marina with the yachts
  • The rich vegetation

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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Monday – Friday 7:30 – 22:00
Saturday – Sunday 9:30 – 22:00


Free entrance

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Other parents say...

  • Τhe park is 100% safe for the kids. The ground beneath most of the games is made from rubber or sand so that accidents are avoided.

    Manolis A.
  • Three different playgrounds depending on age certainly gives options to the parents.

    Apostolos G.
  • We love the location. Next to the sea where one can stare at the marina with the yachts.

    Emmanouela V.
  • The parents can supervise their kids playing from the canteen.

    Victoria V.
  • One of the most modern and innovative games that I have ever seen in a playground. The kids love to visit this park.

    Evi L.

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