National Garden

A garden located literally at the heart of Athens with a variety of endemic trees and plants from other continents and a zoo with a strong Greek character. A true retreat away from the noise of the city centre.

  • National Garden
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • National Garden
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • National Garden
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • National Garden
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • National Garden
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • National Garden
    ©Giorgos Gounezos

The national garden is located just a few metres away from the exit of Syntagma’s metro station. It is irrigated from a canal dated back to the era of tyrant Pisistratos that was used for the transport of water.

One of the most particular spots of the garden is the sun clock at the central entrance of Amalias avenue and the Romaic mosaic floor that is located at Vasilissis Sofias avenue. A beautiful corner is the botanic collection. A stroll at the national garden also has special archaeological interest as there are ancient columns spread all over the place.

Apart from the various activities available for your kids, the Children’s library of the garden is worth a visit. The entrance is free and the kids can read books, listen to classical music and do creative activities like painting or assembling a puzzle.

Families should know

  • It would be good to dedicate at least half if not all the day to visit the National Garden
  • Supply yourselves with food especially for the kids as there is no canteen in the playground and the café named “Garden” is located a bit further out
  • The area where the zoo is located is not that clean and the smell can be intense in certain parts
  • The Botanological collection is temporarily closed for conservation
  • The Children’s library is open daily from 9:00 to 15:00 apart from Sundays, Mondays and public holidays. In addition fairy-tale narration is only provided in Greek
  • The majority of the books in the Children’s library is in Greek and there are only a few foreign books
  • There are no staff to survey the kids in the Children’s library, which means that you have to be around, especially if your kids are of a younger age
  • There is no café, canteen or special place for parents in the library
  • There is no parking therefore we would recommend that you use public transport (like buses or the metro) as it is especially difficult to find a parking space in the centre of Athens
  • The toilet at the playground is not functioning
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Kids will love

  • The ducks at the lake and the possibility to feed them
  • The “kri kri” (type of greek goat), the donkeys and the magpies and woodpeckers
  • Fairy-tale narration at the Children’s library

Parents will love

  • The walk at the garden surrounded by the ancient columns
  • The tapas with ouzo at the traditional “kafeneio”
  • The pleasant serenity and calmness of the garden

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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Open from early in the morning until sunset


Free entrance

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Other parents say...

  • The garden in the centre of Athens is a pleasant surprise that one could not imagine when they are in the centre of Athens full of noise and cars. Maybe one of the most beautiful gardens in Athens.

    Mata K.
  • While your children watch the ducks, you can make a stop at “Garden” café and have a cup of coffee or if you are hungry taste various delicacies with a glass of ouzo.

    George D.
  • The location of the national garden is convenient as it is at the heart of Athens.

    Ioanna K.

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