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Playground at Karavolas area

    Although Heraklion is quite big city with a really high number of visitors on an annual basis; it does not offer that many choices regarding playgrounds with a nice and safe environment.

    Under these circumstances, this specific playground is a pleasant choice for families with young children, who always enjoy playing in open spaces.

    There is plenty of space for biking and the view of the sea that is located just beneath, compensates parents while they supervise their children.

    Do not hesitate to go to the beach and pick up pebbles for your kids. The refreshing sea breeze will fill your lungs and every stressful though you might have had in your mind will just disappear.

    Families should know

    • During weekends, the place can get crowded and therefore constant supervision is needed
    • During the summer months, you cannot visit the playground before 17.00 as there is not enough shade
    • The swings are not enough for the number of kids that are usually around at the playground
    • The swings have not been well maintained and therefore look old
    • There is lack of green and trees in the playground
    • If you decide to go for biking away from the playground, the route along the coastline is relaxing without uphill. However the new “pink” cycle lane has many defects and you should be very careful while using it with your children as it is not clearly marked in certain places.
    • In certain parts of the playground, there are stairs so you need to be quite careful with your kids
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    Address: Coastal Highway of Heraklion, near "Talos Plaza" shopping centre

    Kids will love

    The wooden polymorphic platform in a boat shape, lifts children’s imagination during the game

    Parents will love

    The amazing sea view

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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Within the playground, you have the possibility to grab a free bike for both kids and grown ups. Do not forget to hold with you your I.D. or passport as you need them to rent a bike.

    • Exercise equipment for grown ups is also available at the playground. Unfortunately, while the equipment is new it is not in great condition due to the saltiness of the sea.

    • The place is ideal for walking during the afternoon hours of the summer, along the coastline.


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