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Playmobil Fun Park, Athens

    Who doesn’t love PLAYMOBIL?

    The Playmobil Fun Park in Athens is a great choice for all PLAYMOBIL lovers. In the cozy environment of this themed playground, kids are being offered the opportunity to create their own adventures using their favorite PLAYMOBIL figures.

    Your kids will love the life-size Playmobile figures standing at the entrance of the playground, waiting patiently to welcome all young PLAYMOBIL fans!

    Entrance Themed Playground Playmobil Funpark Athens Family Vacation Kids Love Greece
    Impressive life-sized PLAYMOBIL figures at the entrance of Playmobil Fun Park Athens

    Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses, mythical Greek heroes and creatures, pirates, knights, princesses, fairies, monsters, and much more will stimulate your kids’ imagination and boost their creativity.

    The themes that kids can impersonate using games and constructions range from simple daily activities to more specialized ones. Inside the playground, your kids will be fascinated by the large Playmobil medieval castles with dragons, police stations, pyramids, farms, and much more.

    Playmobil Funpark Athens Family Vacation Kids Love Greece
    The royalty table at the Playmobil Fun Park Athens

    The PLAYMOBIL themes offered in this creative playground change periodically depending on the season. There always something new and fresh that will surely trigger your kids’ interest and invite them to a fascinating adventure.

    There is a special fenced section for kids from 18 months to 3 years old with safe bigger components and rounded surfaces. All toys are specially designed and washed daily. The playground is enclosed with a security door, preventing younger kids to leave unattended. Inside the Playmobil Fun Park in Athens you will also find a cozy café, offering drinks and snacks.

    Themed Playground Playmobil Funpark Athens Family Vacation Kids Love Greece
    Medieval castles, knights and trolls at the Playmobil Fun Park Athens

    Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Playmobile store for a souvenir before you leave. Our most favorite PLAYMOBIL series is the “Greek Mythology” series and the “History” series, including many of the famous Greek Mythology heroes including Hercules, Ulisses, the Argonauts, and Daedalous and Icarus. Playing with any set of these two PLAYMOBIL series at home, will bring your kids lots of beautiful memories from your family vacation in Greece!

    Greek Olympian Gods Playmobil History Playmobil Funpark Athens Kids Love Greece
    Meet the Greek Olympian Gods at the Playmobil Funpark Athens

    Families should know

    • The kids are supervised by the playground’s trained staff.
    • During weekends the place might get a bit crowded, especially during the winter period.
    Telephone: (+30)2108000018
    Address: 9 Matsa St., 14564 Kato Kifisia, Athens

    Kids will love

    • The pirate ships
    • The medieval castles with knights and princesses
    • Noah’s Ark

    Parents will love

    • Relaxing at the playground’s café
    • The professional supervision of the kids
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Every corner of the playground is different and the games are creative and stylish for any age.

    • We sit in the café and drink our coffee without worrying about what the kids are up to, since we can watch them every minute.

    • I really like the aesthetics and the decoration of the place which is quite meticulous.

    • Hello, we are planing to come visit at the end of February and we would like to ask if we can enter with food, and if there is a limit of time to be inside.

      • Hello Aviad! Thank you for your question. Maria has already sent you an email. We hope that you will enjoy your trip to Greece!


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