Private Family Guided Tour to the Acropolis

Travel with your children back in time and explore the significant role of Acropolis and the ancient heart of Athens in the most engaging and storytelling way.

Traveling to Athens? Join our Private Family Guided Tour to the Acropolis and learn everything about Athens’ most impressive site! This is an excellent activity for the whole family you should not miss.

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You will surely get intrigued by the glory of one of the oldest civilizations.  Travel back in time by listening to all the stories and myths of the past narrated by our specialized kid friendly guide.

Furthermore, via interactive techniques, your children will learn about the history of ancient Athens. They will be able to understand where they are and what was here in the past.

Check out this great touring gadget!

Visualize the Acropolis in its primary share with the use of a tablets. The tablets present the site, as it used to be, with three-dimensional representations. This service is available upon request and has an extra supplement per person.

Acropolis 3D

Families should know

  • This private tour is highly recommended for families as it is arranged with a specialized in children’s activities state licensed guide
  • The private tour is possible to customise on the way and is always adjusted according to children’s exact ages
  • The tour is available at English and German and its duration is 2 hours
  • All children get an inspiring gift 
  • If your hotel is located at the centre of Athens, our guide will pick you up from there and walk with you to the site
  • This tour is ideally combined with our Private Family Guided Tour to the Acropolis Museum and the Private Family Athens City Centre Tour
  • As the Acropolis rock gets very hot during the summer months, we suggest starting the earliest as possible (8-8:30 am) or having this tour in the afternoon (starting at 5:30 pm)

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Kids will love

  • The stories and the myths about Acropolis
  • To be a part of the great Panathenaic celebration of the classical times

Parents will love

  • The significant landmarks
  • The stunning panoramic views

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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From 01.04 till 31.10
Daily from 08.00 till 19.30
From 01.11 till 31.03
Daily from 08.00 till 15.30


• Prices vary according to exact number of persons participating
• For detailed pricing please check availability and we will send you our offer within the next few hours
• Prices include all taxes but do not include entry fees to the site

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Other parents say...

  • We are keen to do a combined kid tour of Acropolis and museum on Tuesday 12th July
    We are 2 adults and 3 kids 6,10,12. Do you have availability and what are the options and prices

    Adam thomas
    • Dear Adam,
      Thank you for your comment. We just sent you an email with all the information you need. Please check your inbox.
      Warm regards,
      The Kids Love Greece team

      Katerina Makatouni
  • Have you a tour in French please?

    • Dear Elsa,
      yes we do! I will send you an email later today.
      Thank you,
      Maria Giannouli

      Katerina Makatouni
    • Yes. We do offer French, Spanish, German and several more languages! We will be in touch with you via email.

      Katerina Makatouni
  • We would like to do a combined kids tour of the acropolis and museum on 11th or 12th July. 2 adults and 2 kids (aged 11 and 12). Could you please advise options and availability.

    Jon Westerby
    • Dear Jon, thank you for your message.
      One of our team member, Maria Giannouli, will come back to you.
      Thank you.

      Katerina Makatouni
  • We’re thinking about a toor of Acropolis, possibly combined with the museum on either the 26th or the 27th of July. I’d be grateful if you could give me availability, options and prices. Thank you!

    Anke Kessler
    • Dear Anke,
      Thank you so much for your email. I believe someone from your team has already been in touch with you.
      Enjoy your trip to Greece!
      On behalf of Kids Love Greece

      Katerina Makatouni
  • We are thinking of a combined kids tour of the acropolis and museum either in late May (maybe 26th) or early June (maybe 7th). 4 adults and 2 kids (aged 8 and 6). Could you please advise options and availability.

    • Dear Che,
      Thank you for message. We would love welcoming you to our beautiful country. I believe that one of our trip planner has already contacted you via email. In case you need any issues, please contact us at [email protected]
      Thank you.
      On behalf of the Kids Love Greece team

      Katerina Makatouni

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