Catamaran Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos

Enjoy the ultimate family sailing trip in Mykonos when you climb aboard a stylish catamaran. Visit two Greek islands, swim and snorkel in amazing waters, savour a Mediterranean meal, and soak up a glorious sunset on your return!

  • Catamaran Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos
  • Catamaran Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos
  • Catamaran Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos
  • Catamaran Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos
  • Catamaran Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos
  • Catamaran Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos

This Catamaran Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos is a real treat for all the family. Available as a semi-private or a private trip, the catamaran leaves in the afternoon at 3.30pm. For the next 5-6 hours, you can relax as your Captain takes you out for a day you will never forget.

When you are on-board, you can soak up the sun’s rays as you sail towards the nearby islands of Rhenia and Delos. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to swim in amazingly clear waters, where you can also use the provided snorkeling gear. The aim of the day is all about relaxation and fun, and there is plenty of both!

With an open-bar serving sodas, beers, and wine, and plenty of opportunities for photo and video-taking, the entire family will enjoy the day out. A full dinner is also included in this family sunset sailing trip, and it is freshly cooked for you on-board.

The Mediterranean diet is recognized as being the healthiest and tastiest in the world, and this is especially so when eating with the sea all around you. It will be one of the most unique dining experiences of your lives, with unparalleled views!

Finally, it will be time to sail back towards Mykonos, and as you do, you will see the wonderful sunset. There is something remarkable about a sunset at sea, and both adults and kids alike will enjoy and remember the experience for many years to come.

Note – This Catamaran Family Sailing Trip from Mykonos is available as a semi-private tour (shared with a small number of other passengers), or as a private family sailing tour. Please contact us for more details.

If you are planning to spend more than a few days in Mykonos, a great idea would be to take one or two additional tours in order to make the most of your time on the island. A family cooking class where you learn how to create your own traditional Greek dishes is highly recommended. For more active families our 5km Family Hiking Adventure might also sound appealing.

Families should know

  • Available as semi-private or private family sailing trip
  • During the private trips and upon request, the catamaran can stop in front of the site of Delos where our guests can take pictures of the archeological site from the catamaran. It is also possible to hire a tour guide and do a full tour of Delos. In that case, you will need to hire the catamaran for the Full Day.
  • Open bar with sodas, water, beer, white wine available on-board
  • Sail to two islands in one day
  • Snorkeling equipment available on-board
  • This is a perfect family sunset sailing trip
  • The maximum number of guests on board on the semi-private tours is 12 persons.

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Kids will love

  • Swimming and snorkeling in clear waters
  • Sailing on a catamaran
  • The chance to see fish and perhaps dolphins
  • Diving into the sea

Parents will love

  • Enjoying a once in a lifetime experience with their kids
  • The relaxed atmosphere and open bar
  • Savoring a freshly cooked delicious meal on-board
  • The incredible sunset views

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Closed during Winter Winter
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