Syggrou Park

Syggrou park is an oasis located in the north suburbs of Athens, just beside Kifisia and Marousi. The park's lavish green and vastness fill visitors of any age with energy.

  • Syggrou Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Syggrou Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Syggrou Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Syggrou Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos

Syggrou park was a donation from Ifigeneia Syggrou. It is located between the municipality of Kifisia and Marousi that and covers an area of 950 acres. The park used to be the garden of Syggrou’s family villa and now it belongs to the Institute of Agricultural Studies.

Pines are dominant in the park, but you will also see firs, almond trees, cypresses, vineyards and other cultivated plants. It is a gated park, which adds to its safety for kids while there are various footpaths suitable for walking and biking. The park has football, basketball and volleyball courts as well as areas with benches suitable for relaxing.

Do not forget to visit the chapel of St. Andrew next to the mansion house as it is the only orthodox Gothic style temple in Greece.

Families should know

  • During hot summer days, it is best to visit the park either in the morning or in the afternoon. Avoid visiting the park at noon
  • There is drinking water available at the upper end of the park, but it is recommended to supply yourselves with water as the park is big and it might take some time to reach the spot where drinking water is available
  • No toilet or canteen in the park
  • You should bring food, hats and sun cream for the kids especially during summer days
  • It is easy to get lost on your way back to the car if you park in the parking area next to Kifisias avenue, therefore make some marks in order to remember your way back
  • The baskets at the 3 basketball courts are not in a perfect condition
  • Avoid going to the park at nightfall
  • Syggrou park hosts the experimental high school of Anavryta
  • It is recommended that you avoid visiting the park during weekdays when school classes take place
  • The dirt road is not suitable for buggies
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Kids will love

  • The turtles and the blackbirds that “hide” in the park
  • The football court for the older kids

Parents will love

  • Wandering around the shops and cafes at Kifisia’s market, just beside the park
  • The bike rides in the park
  • The corner with the benches beneath the shade of the trees at the lower part of the park

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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Open from early in the morning until sunset


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Other parents say...

  • Biking with the kids every Sunday is a must during the weekends.

    Mimika E.
  • Dogs, kids and a ball and we are ready for Syggrou park.

    Nikoleta R.
  • The park is particularly clean and suitable for family picnics during sunny days.

    Manolia O.
  • I love sitting with my husband on the benches opposite the school while the kids play in the yard of the school and ride down the asphalt hill at full speed with their bikes.

    Elsa D.

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