The historic Zappeio buildings and its gardens are a great place to play!

  • Zappeio
  • Zappeio
  • Zappeio
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  • Zappeio
  • Zappeio

The Zappeio area with its beautiful gardens and squares is a great place for a relaxing family day outdoors. It is especially safe for young kids because there are no cars allowed. The Athenians love to spent time at Zappeio on Sundays with their kids. You will find street artists, vendors and lots of children to play with.

Zappeio is the name of several buildings and gardens. Its main building dates back to the 19th century. It was designed and created for the revival of the Olympic Games in the modern world.

In the gardens at Zappeio are beautiful statues of The Woodworker, The Little Harvester of D. Filippoti and The Satyr of G.Dimitriadi.

The renovated playground at Zappeio includes a multi-purpose play area, climbing frames, a slide, a balance beam, monkey bars and a roundabout.

Families should know

  • Open from early morning until sunset & free entrance
  • There is no canteen at the playground but you can buy a snack from Aigli café which is located quite close
  • Aigli café is quite close to the playground but not close enough so as to sit and keep an eye on your children from there
  • Parking is full during peak hours and certain days e.g. Saturday morning. The best solution is to make use of the metro
  • Rent baby & toddler equipment such as car seats, strollers and baby carriers through Baby Traveller, the new family equipment service provider in Greece

Kids will love

  • Running around safely and let go of energy
  • The slide and the monkey bars in the playground
  • Playing with the sand in the playground

Parents will love

  • Wandering among the ancient columns
  • The marble statue of the god Pana at the entrance
  • The shade by the benches in the playground while enjoying your coffee from Aigli café

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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Other parents say...

  • The renovated playground has a variety of games for kids of different ages.

    Kostas P.
  • The green area around the playground is perfect for a pleasant break for kids and parents.

    Maria K.
  • The kids will love the small wooden house that look likes a dwarf house.

    Nikos V.
  • A stroll at Zappeio and the National Garden is really worth it. Take stale bread with you to feed the ducks and pigeons and bring buckets to play in the sandpit at the playground.

    Leonidas D.
  • The area is lacking in shade during the very hot summer days.

    Myrto G.

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