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Tsoutsouras Beach

Tsoutsouras Beach is built on the ancient city of Inatos and is located approximately 63km south of Heraklion. The wider area has intense archaeological interest and it is connected to various myths and stories about dragons, secret excavations and findings of unique technological importance from the Minoan period. Due to a special aura that characterises Tsoutsoura as well as the high levels of salt and iodine in the sea water, locals believe that swimming in the area has therapeutic effects.

The beach of Tsoutsouras is beautiful, clean and organised. Coarse sand covers the whole beach and the water is quite cool. When it gets windy in the north, the sea at Tsoutsouras remains calm and enjoyable. The beach is quite long and we would suggest that you go to the west from the small port where waters are more shallow. If you are fond of natural landscapes, the trees upon the beach will offer you their shade and a cool break from the hot sun.

You will find numerous accommodation options, taverns and small cafes in the area. Tsoutsouras is an ideal choice for families who wish to spend their holidays in a quiet place next to the sea.

Families should know

  • In order to reach Tsoutsouras you will have to drive through the famous Asterousia Mountains. The road has many turns which make the drive tiring, especially for young children. We suggest that you make a stop for a refreshment at Viannos village to take a break from the long drive
  • The locals call the two parallel mountains west of Tsoutsouras, Zeus and Hera, due to their shapes that look like two human figures. According to Greek mythology, Minos, Rhadamanthys and Sarpedon, the three sons of Zeus grew up in those mountains
Address: Tsoutsouras, South of Heraklion


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Kids will love

  • Locals’ stories about monsters and dragons
  • Snorkelling in the crystal clear waters

Parents will love

The relaxing atmosphere and the calmness of the area

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Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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  • At Tsoutsouras we really had a chance to relax. The sea is very clean and the beach has tiny pebbles and umbrellas. Next to the beach there are a few taverns with delicious food.

  • The kids did not want to come out of the sea. They stared for hours at all these little fish in the water and played with the sand. We sat next to τamarix and relaxed under its shade.

  • “Besides its beauty this place has a kind of “magic” that is hard to describe with words. The sea is wonderful and the children just loved the story of “Drakospilia” (“Dragon cave”). Very good choice for a relaxing family vacation.

  • A very nice place with lovely sea and beautiful scenery. It was exactly what we needed so as to relax and escape from the city fuss. Clean waters, sandy beach for the kids to play and delicious fresh fish at the local taverns.


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