Top things to do in Thessaloniki for families

Great ideas for family activities in Thessaloniki

If you’re visiting Thesaloniki with your family, be sure to include these suggestions of the best things to do. Includes food tours and more!

Thessaloniki in Greece

As the second largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki has plenty of places of interest and things to see and do. No matter what age your kids are, we’re sure you’ll love your family city break in Thessaloniki no matter how long you spend there.

1. Enjoy Thessaloniki’s Coastline

The famous umbrella art piece along the Thessaloniki coastline

Positioned by the coast, Thessaloniki has a wonderful setting and coastline to match. A recently renovated promenade area has meant that this can be enjoyed to the max with easy, traffic free walks. All the better for that relaxed Greek vacation!

It’s particularly suitable for families that have kids in strollers, as it’s nice and flat with no obstacles. You can enjoy walking along the Thessaloniki seafront yourself, or take a guide who will give you the inside track on the history and development of Thessaloniki.

2. The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

If your kids are Percy Jackson fans or love Ancient Greece, visiting the archaeological museum of Thessaloniki is a must. Divided into differrent sections which represent different periods of history, you will all come away with a greater insight into the history of this part of Greece.

Find out more here on visiting the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

3. Eat the local food

Every region and city in Greece has their own local delicacies, and Thessaloniki is no exception. Start your day with a Bougatsa, eat the best Koulouris in Greece and finish off with a Tsoureki.

Unsure as to exactly what these strangely named but delightfully tasting snacks are? Check out our guide on snacks to eat in Thessaloniki.

4. Take a day trip

Thessaloniki is an excellent place to take a day trip from, as there are a number of interesting historical and cultural places to see nearby. One of those, is the archaeological site of Vergina.

Vergina was the Royal Capital of Macedonia, and a place where you can walk in the footsteps of Philip and Alexander the Great. The archaeological site of Vergina has several incredible areas, including a museum housing treasures and the magnificent Royal Tombs. Vergina is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site – yes, yet another one in Greece!

5. Outdoor Activities

There’s all manner of outdoor activities you can enjoy whilst visiting Thessaloniki. Visit the NorthSkatePark behind the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping centre, hire bikes to cycle in the city, visit the fun and exciting Waterland in the Summer, and head out to the Platanakia recreation area.

We can also organise specific outdoor activities based on your interests such as hiking or cycling in Thessaloniki as we do with other parts of Greece. If you don’t find anything listed on our website, just get in touch!

Would you like to find out more about Thessaloniki and how to include it in your itinerary during your next family vacation in Greece? Contact the Kids Love Greece team today, and we’ll be more than happy to be of assistance.

Discover Greek Food With Kids Love Greece – Excite Your taste buds!

Athens Vegetarian Food Tour for Families kidslovegreece Greece traditional flavours culture

Greek cuisine is starting to be recognised as one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world. Discover Greek Food during your next family vacation in Greece with Kids Love Greece!

Athens Vegetarian Food Tour for Families kidslovegreece Greece traditional flavours culture

Greek Cuisine

If your family would like to add a little flavour to their next vacation in Greece, you’re in for a gastronomic delight! No matter where you travel in Greece, you will find traditional recipes, contemporary fusion, and endless variety using fresh, healthy produce that is by and large grown in the country.

If you would like to take your Greek food experience to the next level though, we highly recommend a cooking class or food tour. We offer family Greek food tours throughout the country, with some of the most popular shown below.

Traveling in Greece to a destination not mentioned here? Contact the Kids Love Greece team, and we’ll arrange a food tour just for you!

food culture of crete family workshop cooking kids love greece activities for families

Athens Food Tours

There’s an abundance of food tours to choose from in Athens, ranging from walking tours to sample local produce through to cooking classes.

One of our favourites, is the vegetarian food tour in Athens. Organized on a private basis, your family will have the chance to learn about and prepare Greek vegetarian dishes that have been part of the culture for hundreds of years.

If you ever wanted to know the secrets behind making a truly authentic Greek salad, or how to prepare stuffed vine leaves, this Athens vegetarian food tour is for you!

Food Tours In Crete

The Greek island of Crete is particularly well known for its great food. Even Greeks themselves class Cretan cuisine highly! If you are planning part of your family vacation in Greece to be in Crete, then we’d suggest you take at least one food tour.

For families with limited time on the island, we think a walking food tour would be a good idea. We offer these walking food tours in every major destination in Crete, and this Rethymo Food Tour is one example.

Family Food Tours In Naxos

Naxos is one of our top recommendations for family vacations in Greece. One of the main reasons for this, is that the authentic and traditional side of life is very much still present, which makes Naxos a fantastic destination for foodies!

Using produce grown locally, you will have the chance to create your own Naxian specialities under the guidance of an expert local during one of our food tours. These activities are great fun for all the family, and you can find out more here about Family Food Tours In Naxos.

Further Information

For more inspiring choices of family friendly food tours, take a look at our guide to Greek Food Experiences. Need some inside information and assistance on planning your next trip to Greece? We’d be more than happy to help!

Contact the Kids Love Greece team today through the onscreen chat box, and we’ll get right back to you. Alternatively, send our team an email through the contact link at the bottom of this page.


5 reasons Naxos is a great choice for family vacations in Greece

Naxos in Greece is perfect for family vacations

We always recommend the Greek island of Naxos as a destination for family vacations. Here’s 5 of the reasons why we think your family will love it!

The port of Naxos in Greece

Naxos, Greece

Whilst most first time visitors to Greece think that AthensSantoriniMykonos is the winning combination for their Greek travel itinerary, we’ve got an alternative suggestion for families. Instead of Mykonos, try Naxos as it’s far more suitable. Here’s why.

#1 Family-friendly version of Mykonos

We don’t want to put Mykonos down, because we love that island as well! The fact is though, that Naxos is far more suitable for families. There’s more of an authentic edge, less of a party scene, and it’s certainly less expensive!

Whilst Mykonos has something of a ‘see and be seen’ about it, Naxos is content to keep its laid back feel. Think plenty of beaches, long meals, and family-friendly activities.

#2 Ancient Ruins

Naxos in Greece is perfect for family vacations

Like many parts of Greece, Naxos has more than its fair share of archaeological sites to explore! The most famous and iconic, is the Portara. This doorway with massive marble lintels is the only thing that remains of an unfinished temple that would have been dedicated to the God Apollo.

Located close to the port, no family trip to Naxos is complete without a photo or two taken in front of it. The Portara also makes a lovely sunset spot as seen from afar. Enjoy the sunset, and then wander off to find a taverna serving tasty local dishes. Which brings us neatly on to reason number 3.

#3 Naxos Cuisine

We often described Greek cuisine as one of the most underrated in the world, and Naxos helps to prove the point. Whether sampling dishes made from their unique island grown potatoes, or trying traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, you’ll never be disappointed!

Interested in a food tour in Naxos? Contact the Kids Love Greece team through the on-screen chatbox for more details!

#4 Traditional Villages

Agriculture has always been an important part of life on Naxos, and still is to this day. Away from the tourists hotspots along the coast, you will find villages where life seems to go on unchanged. Old men gather in the Kafe Neo, distilleries produce the local ‘kitron’, and narrow alleyways and Venetian architecture set a perfect scene.

We would highly recommend a tour of the villages of Naxos during your family vacation. If you are limited by time, at least try to visit Halki and Apiranthos villages.

#5 Great Beaches

There are lots of family-friendly beaches on the Greek island of Naxos

Did we leave the best until last? Possibly! Naxos has some wonderful beaches to suit all tastes. From small secluded areas to vast stretches of sand, there’s something for everyone!

Families visiting Naxos should definitely check out Plaka Beach which is considered to be one of the more family-friendly. The blue flag beach of Agia Anna is also very lovely.

If you have plenty of days to spend on the island, ask the locals which beach is their favourite. You may discover an area not mentioned in any guide books, where you can enjoy a little slice of Greek paradise all to yourselves!

To find out more about family holidays in Naxos, contact the Kids Love Greece team today, and we’ll be happy to help.


The Best Time To Visit Santorini For Family Vacations

Santorini caldera view through room window KidsLoveGreece

The Greek island of Santorini is a popular destination for families visiting Greece for the first time. When is the best time to visit Santorini though? Let’s find out!

When to visit Santorini?

For first time visitors to Greece, their vacation would not be complete without spending at least some time in Santorini. And who can blame them?! Those pictures of blue domed churches and whitewashed buildings backed up by panoramic views are destined to give anyone wanderlust!

Santorini 180 degrees view

As a popular vacation destination in Greece though, some months are better than others when it comes to visiting. Here’s a few inside tips for you:

#1 Avoid August if you can

We fully understand that this can be difficult, especially with the kids school holidays! However, if you can avoid August in Santorini we strongly believe you’ll have a much better experience.

The fact is, that Santorini has become a little bit of a victim of its own success. This means that August is by far the busiest month of the year on the island.

In August, you can expect the largest amounts of other holidaymakers, raised prices, and the very hottest temperatures.

The team at Kids Love Greece want you to have the best experience when visiting Santorini with your family, so if at all possible, skip August and visit at another time of year.

Santorini caldera view

#2 How about late Autumn?

Unlike many of the other Greek islands whose tourist industry seems to close in October, the season in Santorini carries on year through. As such, we’d recommend the mid to late Fall as the best time to visit Santorini for families.

At this time of year, the tourist numbers drop, its a little easier to find family accommodation in Santorini, and the temperatures are a lot more tolerable!

One of the bonuses of visiting in Autumn, is that the waters might (we said might only!) still be warm enough to swim in, especially if you are visiting Santorini from a colder country.

Autumn is our preferred season for family vacations in Santorini.

#3 Visit in Spring

Spring is the second best season for families to visit Santorini. In the same way as Autumn, the tourist numbers are a little lower, it’s easy to find places to stay, and the people who live on the island seem to be in a happier mood (as things haven’t gone too busy yet!).

The only negative about Santorini in spring, is that the waters may not be warm enough to swim in yet. So, if your dream family vacation to Santorini includes swimming during a sailing trip around the island, this may not be the best season for you.

#4 Visit in Winter

This is our ‘outside the box’ suggestion for families visiting Santorini. We’ll be the first to admit this is a bit of a risk when it comes to nice weather, but the counterbalance is that this is the least expensive time of year to visit.

The lack of tourist crowds may appeal to families who want to take photos without any other tourists in the way, and it’s the easiest time of year to find accommodation.

The downside of visiting Santorini in winter? We already mentioned the weather, but also keep in mind that not all the restaurants and other services will be open either. Still, for an adventurous family looking for a short 2 day break from Athens, visiting Santorini in the winter might be a good option.

If you would like help planning your next family vacation to Santorini and Greece, contact the Kids Love Greece team today. We’d love to assist you in creating an enjoyable and memorable family experience in Greece!


Best Castles in Greece – Beautiful Greek Castles You Need To See

Methoni is one of the best castles in Greece.

Many visitors are unaware that Greece has some of the most beautiful castles in the world. Here’s some of the best castles in Greece you can visit during your next Greek family vacation.

Castles in Greece

Most visitors to Greece plan their trips around the great beaches and incredible archaeological wonders the country has to offer. Few realise however, that Greece also has dozens of castles constructed during the Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman periods of rule.

It’s impossible to list them all, but these are some of the most outstanding. If you are interested in planning a road trip based on the castles in Greece, contact the Kids Love Greece team as we’d love to help!

Methoni Castle (Peloponnese)

This medieval castle in the Peloponnese region of Greece was built by the Venetians, and paired with nearby Koroni Castle is known as one of the Eyes of Venice.

We love Methoni castle for the sheer size, and also the very unique Bourtzi section. It looks like something from the Lord of the Rings!

Palamidi (Nafplion)

Nafplion is well known as one of the prettiest towns in Greece, and it is also home to a series of fortifications and castles. You can climb the steps to the top of Palamidi, or visit the Bourtzi on a water taxi from the harbour.

The fortifications here are another reminder of the Venetian period of the Peloponnese.


The Greek island of Rhodes seems to have castles and fortifications everywhere! If your family has never seen a castle before, prepare to be amazed by your time here!

The most famous area is The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. The size and grandeur is breathtaking, and it also has two archaeological exhibitions on permanent display.

The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

Ioannina Castle

The north-west of Greece is a popular destination for people who want to see some of the unique natural beauty and traditional villages for which it is well known. When in the area, a day spent in Ioannina is highly recommended.

The old town section of Ioannina is contained within the walls of a much larger fortification. Within, there are several areas which should be visited. These include commanding views out over the lake at Ioannina, and also two mosques complete with minarets – something of a rarity on Greece!

Kale Ioannina

Fortress of Rethymnon

The Greek island of Crete has some beautiful castles, and the fortress of Rethymnon deserves its place among the best of them. Originally built by the Venetians, and adapted by the Ottomans, it has a distinct star shape.

The Fortezza, as it is known, is an interesting place to explore, and the views from the ramparts are lovely. If this is your first time in Crete and your kids have never seen a real medieval castle before, this fortress is a must-see! If you are interested in visiting the fortress, you might also want to check out these other things to do in Rethymnon.

Would you like to take your Greek vacation planning a step further? Take a look at our Design Your Own Trip feature, and we can help tailor your perfect family vacation in Greece!