Santorini Acrotiri archeological site
Santorini Acrotiri archeological site
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Archaeological Site of Akrotiri

In the southwestern part of Thira, Santorini’s capital lies the village of Akrotiri and its remarkable archaeological site. It will take you approximately 20 minutes by bus to get there from Fira.

The first ancient building dates back to 4000 BC when Akrotiri became an important community which was especially due to its geographical location. It was buried in ash around 1627 BC when the volcano erupted.

The remains of paved streets, dwellings, walls, and high-quality pottery are still present today. It is also believed that Akrotiri was the inspiration for Plato’s story of Atlantis.

Families should know

  • The walk is on an archaeological site with dirt, dust, and little stones. Make sure everyone wears appropriate footwear
  • Although important exhibits are labelled, we strongly recommend you hire a tour guide on site who will explain the history to you and help you understand the ancient life on Akrotiri
  • No need for a full-day visit here as a morning or afternoon visit will suffice to give you a good insight into this fascinating history
  • Not good weather? No problem! Unlike many other Greek archaeological sites, this one is covered
  • For prompt information about the timetable and tickets please follow this link: http://odysseus.culture.gr
Telephone: (+30)2286081366
Address: Akrotiri, Thira


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Kids will love

  • To get a picture of life in ancient times
  • To explore different places during their family holidays

Parents will love

  • To walk midst some extremely ancient buildings
  • The easy access for people with reduced mobility such as wheelchairs or baby strollers
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Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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