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Time schedule
Time schedule


The average price for a family with two children is  10€-15€
Open 24 hours a day

Rethymnon Food & Drink


Do you suddenly feel your stomach rumbling? Are you in the old town of Rethymno? If you feel like having a snack, Tyraki is undoubtedly your best bet!

Tyraki has a huge range of cheeses (at least 20 types).

Iakovos and Nicolas are open 24 hours and offer freshly made sandwiches, all with very creative fillings … the menu changes frequently as discovering new recipes is their favourite hobby.

Speciality dish
  • Try the combination of cheese (graviera), smoked pork (apaki), tomato, mayonnaise and curry
  • If you are vegetarian or just don’t want to eat meat that day, try the cheese (graviera) with fresh mushrooms, peppers and onions all sautéed in Cretan olive oil
Families should know
  • All the vegetables used are organic
  • Order graviera for your children, it is the most nutritious choice
  • Do not look out for a sign. The shop is so small that it’s hard to spot. The only indication that this is Tyraki is a sign showing a piece of cheese hanging over the entrance
  • Tyraki is located in the pedestrian area of the old city, beside the Minaret and the Conservatory of Rethymno
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Other parents say...

  • If you fancy spicy tastes, definitely try the homemade spicy cheese spread (tyrokafteri) in your sandwich.

    Leonidas D.
  • For lovers of vegetables, there is a long list of fresh organic ingredients to choose from for your sandwich.

    Ilias A.
  • The homemade mayonnaise dressing is a great choice for kids and adults.

    Balia K.
  • If you feel that you need a sugar dose, Tyraki has a suggestion for you beyond cheese! Try the butter croissant with “injections” of warm praline and white chocolate! AN ABSOLUTE temptation!

    Emmanouela B.