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Are There Any Festivals in Naxos?

Are there any festivals in Naxos?

Like everywhere in Greece, Naxos follows the religious Greek Orthodox holidays and traditional festivals, known as panigiria. Food, wine and a merry ambiance go hand-in-hand with these festive celebrations. 

Some of the most important festivals in Naxos include Greek Easter, 8 July (Agios Prokopios), 14 July (Chora), 25 July (Agia Anna), 15 August (various areas) and 29 August (Apeiranthos and Apollonas).

If you are visiting in August, look out for the annual potato festival. The exact dates vary, so ask in advance.

If you want more information about festivals in Greece you can read this article or send us an email at: info@kidslovegreece.com.