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Easter in Athens & Nafplio

Hi Kidslovegreece! We were wondering if you could give us some tips on what to do in Athens and Nafplio over Easter.

Hello there! Absolutely. There is no better time to visit Greece than Easter. Athens is quieter than usual at Easter, as many Athenians leave the city to spend Easter in their villages.

Whether you are religious or not, you will find that there is something truly magical about the way Greeks celebrate their Orthodox Easter. Preparations begin in earnest during Holy Week and culminate in cherished traditions that are carried out from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

Your authentic visit to the Greek Easter will be filled with centuries-old traditions, culinary delights and even egg painting. There are dazzling fireworks, plenty of dances and the chance to join in the celebration as locals celebrate the most important festival in the Orthodox Christian calendar.

For an overview of the places where you can participate in these events, see our article here. For more information, you can always email us at: info@kidslovegreece.com.