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Family Cooking Classes in Naxos?

We are visiting Naxos soon. We are a family of 5 (3 kids aged 10 to 15). Are there any cooking classes or food tours we could have during our vacation in Naxos?


Sure! Naxos is an amazing family destination and I’m sure your family will create some longlife memories there. When it comes to cooking classes and food tours, Naxos is a paradise! In fact, we have many options for you to choose from. My personal favorites are:

  1. Walking tour with food stops for families: This is a must-have food and walking tour in Naxos. If you want to combine exploring the island and tasting the best traditional Naxian dishes, this 3-hour private tour is an amazing choice. During this amazing tour you will have the opportunity to explore the culture and history of Naxos and taste some of its best products. Have a look here: https://www.kidslovegreece.com/en/tours/naxos-sights-and-bites/ 
  2. Cooking Lesson for families in Naxos: This is my personal favorite cooking experience in Naxos. In approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, you and your kids will visit a local bakery and learn how to create traditional Naxian bread and pies in a wooden oven! Apart from that, you will have a picnic and taste local flavors. For more information, check it here: https://www.kidslovegreece.com/en/tours/following-traditions-in-naxos/ 
  3. Greek organic table family class in Naxos: My last recommendation for you is a unique cooking class, where your family will have the chance to cook traditional courses and starters with a local food expert. During this 4-hour cooking class, you will also try a variety of Naxian cheeses and local wine. Check it here: https://www.kidslovegreece.com/en/tours/greek-family-organic-table-in-naxos/ 

Don’t forget that all our tours are fully customizable and can be adjusted to your personal needs and preferences. For more information contact us via email at info@kidslovegreece.com