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Naxos Panoramio Family Experience: Half Day and Full Day

    Get to know the island of Naxos with your family and learn everything there is about its culture, food, people and history. Together with a local insider guide you will enjoy an entertaining and at the same time educative day tour around the beautiful island of Naxos.

    There are two versions of this Tour: Naxos Panoramio Half Day and Naxos Panorama Full Day

    Naxos Panoramio Family Half-Day Island Tour Experience

    Choosing our favorite locations and creating a palette of tastes we invite you and your family to discover the map of Naxos. The villages of Filoti, Apeiranthos, Kaloxylos & Chalki are the meeting points. You can stroll around these beautiful island villages with your guide and cook & taste some of the most famous Greek-Naxian dishes.

    At Filoti village you will experience a cheese tasting.

    In Apeiranthos village you will do more tastings of local products.

    Chalki village is the destination for a family stroll and a visit to a traditional distillery of the famous Naxian citron liqueur.

    Besides visiting the island’s key landmarks, Naxos Panoramio will also show you various secret places. Your local insider will provide your family with interesting insights and stories.

    At the end of this Naxos Panoramio family tour, you will understand why Naxos was the favorite island of the Olympian Gods!

    Naxos Panorama Family Full-Day Island Tour Experience

    This is an extended 8-hour version of this island tour and is a whole day experience.

    On top of the places visited during the Naxos Panoramio Half day, the full day includes:

    Kindaros village for cooking and picnic,

    At Kaloxylos village you will visit a local home where you will enjoy a Greek coffee with dessert. Kaloxylos village for cooking, cheese and wine tasting,

    Naxos Town and the Venetian Castle, delicious desserts, a visit to the Olive Museum or Damalas village a pottery workshop and much more.

    Contact the Kids Love Greece for more information and the full program of this Day Experience. 

    Families should know

    • The duration of the Naxos Panoramio tour is 4 hours
    • Morning tour: 10.00-14.00 pickup at 10.00
    • Afternoon tour: 17.30-21.30 pickup at 17.30
    • Included is the hotel pick up and drop off with a private SUV

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    Kids will love

    • Tasting local delicacies
    • Listening to stories about the past
    • Discovering secret places

    Parents will love

    • Learning more about Naxos island
    • Exploring the island by comfortable private minivan
    • Spending time with their kids creating memories
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • Hello
      I am interested in the full day tour. It’s for me and my 2 children.
      What are the charges for this full day Tour.

      Thank you

      • Dear Ayesha, Thank you for your interest in our Naxos Panoramio Family Experience.
        One of our trip planners, Maria Giannouli, has already sent you the information about this tour as well as all our other family friendly activities in Naxos. Please check your email (inlc. your junk/ spam folder). Thank you.


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