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Marble Painted Easter Eggs

    It doesn’t take effort to make the Greek Easter eggs with marble effects in pastel colours.

    Impressive, in colors of our choice, that will decorate the house and of course will be sizzling on Easter day!

    Marble Painted Easter Eggs

    Irini from Paxxi
    Course Snack
    Cuisine Greek


    • Bowl
    • Cooking brush


    • boiled eggs
    • egg dyeing
    • oil


    • In a bowl of warm water, dissolve the colored egg powder.
    • Add drops of oil scattered throughout. If they come together break them up with a spoon.
    • Spoon the eggs one by one, dip them in the mixture and remove them to paper towels (I make sure they pass through spots that have oil spots to remove the stamp and create the marble effect on the eggs). I let them dry completely.
    • Brush them with oil and place them on absorbent paper to make them shiny. Leave them for 10 minutes and wipe them with a clean absorbent paper.
    • Ready to decorate and have a good bite!


    • You can make them have different colours, after you have painted them normally (whole) in pastel colours (leave them in the paint a bit, let them dry first) and then create the marble effect as mentioned above.


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