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Top Gifts to Buy for Any Harry Potter Fan

    Does someone special in your life love Harry Potter? Below are some great gift ideas that every Harry Potter fan will love.

    The Wand of Their Favorite Character

    Wands are an important part of the Harry Potter world, and they also make a great gift for Harry Potter fans. Check out The Noble Collection for the wands of all your favorite characters. The Noble Collection is a developer of collectible products, especially related to fan bases like Harry Potter.

    2. Harry Potter Stickers

    Redbubble is the best website for stickers. Independent artists submit their artwork, and the company pastes it onto over 50 different items including stickers, stationary, phone cases, scarves, mugs, t-shirts, and more. There are thousands of different Harry Potter-inspired designs.

    These are great for older fans who may want something smaller but still meaningful.

    Source: RedBubble
    Source: RedBubble

    3. The Illustrated Books

    Best for younger fans or those that appreciate artwork, The Harry Potter Illustrated Collection features full-color large-scale artwork. This box set includes books 1-3.

    Book 4 can be purchased separately, and book 5 is set for release in 2022.

    4. Harry Potter Lego

    Lego has an entire line of Harry Potter sets. There is even a Harry Potter Lego movie! A Harry Potter Lego set like the Astronomy Tower is perfect for creative Harry Potter fans. 

    5. Apple Watch Band

    For older Harry Potter fans, this Harry Potter Themed Engraved Apple Watch Band  is sure to win them over. Also goes well with a smartwatch gift! This one on Etsy offers 24 colors, three designs, and personalization as well. The seller has over 18k sales and five stars!

    Harry Potter Themed Engraved Apple Watch Band  24 Colors  image 1
    Source: Etsy

    Every Harry Potter fan knows the importance of the Hogwarts houses—brave Gryffindor, intelligent Ravenclaw, loyal Hufflepuff, and cunning Slytherin. If you know the house of your Harry Potter fan, below are some great house gifts for them!

    6. A House Mascot Plush

     New from the Noble Collection is a beautifully designed House Pillow with one of the four house crests and a stuffed animal mascot! The pillow has a zipper compartment for the plush animal.

    Check out the Harry Potter Plush Collection for other adorable Harry Potter plush, such as Hedwig the owl.

    7. Color-Changing Sorting Candle

    This Sorting Candle reveals the color of your house when you light it for the first time. You can choose a color or “Sort me!” and let the candle decide!

    There are a few versions of this on Etsy; the seller below has sold over ten thousand candles and has five stars. This gift is better for older fans since fire is involved.

    The Sorting Candle  Color Changing  100% Natural Wax  Harry image 1
    Source: Etsy

    8. A House Scarf

    This Harry Potter Knit Scarf  will keep your Harry Potter fan warm during the cold months. These scarves are also perfect for a costume if your fan wants to dress up as one of the characters for Halloween or Dress-Up Day!

    Source: Amazon

    9. House Throw Blanket

    This cozy Harry Potter Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves (similar to a snuggie) will also help your Harry Potter fan stay warm. The perfect thing to wear around the house during the winter months. 

    Harry Potter snuggie Amazon
    Source: Amazon

    If you are someone who enjoys giving experiences rather than things, check out one of these options.

    10. Wizard World Box

    This Surprise Trip to Wizard World Box  is the perfect way to give your Harry Potter fan a trip to Wizard World! It includes jelly beans, socks, a flying key, and a personalized Hogwarts letter sealed with wax.

    Surprise Trip To Wizard World Box Mini Box Orlando

    11. Greek Mythology Behind Harry Potter Camp

    We offer a 2-day Greek Mythology Behind Harry Potter Online Camp where you will listen to fascinating stories that connect the world of Harry Potter to Greek Mythology!

    Greek Mythology Harry Potter Camp camp web

    12. Harry Potter and Greek Mythology online Party

    We also have a Harry Potter themed birthday eParty with a Greek Mythology twist! The party is 1 hour and includes invites to send out and is hosted by a Greek expert and Harry Potter fan. 


    13. Harry Potter Tour of Athens

    Last, but not least, if you are looking to go big for your Harry Potter fan, we offer a specialized Harry Potter Experience tour of Athens, Greece! This 3-hour walking tour will engage Harry Potter fans of all ages. Check out our website for additional tours and help with all your Greece travel needs.

    Harry Potter Athens Kids Love Greece Tour
    Source: Kids Love Greece
    Note: This article contains affiliate links.

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